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I usually use my laptop to post to my blog. However, I usually view the reader and post quick comments/responses from the mobile app. I don’t like having my laptop open all day, and it is so convenient to just pick up my phone and check it when I hear that notification sound. However, my phone recently decided its charging port had had enough abuse over the years and was no longer going to work. I was able to rig a charge onto the battery thanks to guidance from a youtube video in order to make sure I could transfer all of my pictures and my Beats Antique soundtrack onto the micro SD card. There were three choices all reliant on having a small budget to work with:

1. Get a direct battery charger that requires you to take the battery out of the phone every time you charge it.

2. Try to find a tech who could fix it inexpensively.

3. Find the cheapest good phone I could find, be it refurbished or gently used. Surpassing like $50 really was not an option.

Luckily number 3 seems to have panned out. I am waiting for my phone to arrive and hopefully it works beautifully with no problems. It was an unpleasant surprise to discover that phone companies no longer offer free or inexpensive phones with the signing of a new contract. Even qualifying for an upgrade the cell carrier wanted me to pay installments of like $25 a month for 30 months. Paying on a phone for 30 months is an insane notion to me. Also, the deductible they wanted to replace the phone that has had insurance for 3 or 4 years was nuts to me. I will be canceling mobile insurance. All that said, I wanted y’all to know I am not on a hiatus. I am just waiting for a new (to me) phone. Blessed be, y’all.


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