Crystal Inquiry

I have three related questions I would like my readers to answer:

  1. What is your favorite type of crystal? (You may also mention your favorite form of that crystal if you have a preference.)
  2. What metaphysical properties or energy do you associate with that crystal?
  3. How do you personally work with that crystal?

Thanks in advance to those who chose to satiate my curiosity by taking this mini survey.  Also, if you can’t narrow your choice to one type of crystal, feel free to mention multiple favorites.


One thought on “Crystal Inquiry

  1. 1) My favorite is the Amethyst, which is also the favorite of my Nephew. Sorry, it is taking so long to mail the crystals, and now my Nephew has gone through them and selected the best. Hopefully, there will still be some kinds you like.
    2) I see that crystal as being able to filter the stress energy out of the air and purify it. It isn’t the only crystal that can do this. The deep purple also, I think, leads to deep rich dreams if you look at it long enough.
    3) I let my crystals clear the energy naturally. I used to keep some in my pillow for better dreams.

    I have a story about crystals. When I first showed my Nephew an Amethyst Geode which was cut in half, and he learned that it had been cut in half he said, “Wouldn’t that Kill It?” I came to the conclusion that his subconscious knows deep secrets about crystals from this.

    I think in a Past-life he must have had knowledge of working with crystals as a technology. He has a very scientific mind, so I think he might grow up to think the healing properties are WoWo. So I am not teaching him that kind of thing. Yet, I think if I continue to nurture his interest in crystals, he might end up advancing the World’s knowledge of Crystals, and Inventing (or re-discovering) new ways to use them.

    Either that or he will grow up a Crystal Collector and benefit from the Crystals clearing the air of his home without realizing it.

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