Tomorrow marks the start of Mammawcation!  My mammaw has not been on vacation in probably around 10 years.  Her and my pappaw used to love to go on trips together,  but in 2005 he got sick and it was a condition that is rare with no cure.  Over the next 9 years his health got worse and worse.  Their dreams of retirement years full of travel were sadly not to happen.  My loving Pappaw passed away in 2014.  Mammaw had spent over 50 years with someone at her side and could not fathem taking a vacation alone.  I decided it was time she get further than 30 minutes from home.  

The other side of my family has a little inherited house that sits on the property my other grandmother grew up on.  It is in a peaceful mountain community.  It is a place that I am fortunate enough to visit a few times during the summer.  I absolutely love it there.  Tomorrow me and Mammaw venture out for her first vacation without my pappaw since she was married.  I hope she has a wonderful time and makes some new memories to cherish.  That being said,  I will check WordPress on my phone while I am away from home.  Posts and comments will probably be short though.  

Blessed be, y’all.


Blue Buffalo

Any of you who have seen a Blue Buffalo pet food commercial know that their advertisements reveal how much more natural their brand’s food is than the competition.   It a mild state of shock, the pet owners decide to switch to Blue Buffalo.   Looking at the pet owners in the commercial I find myself thinking that they care so much about what their pets are eating yet will probably go home to eat something made largely out of ingredients that sound like chemicals for a chemistry class.  The irony is not lost on me.  I wonder how much would change if such commercials were done for human food.  I can only think of Bryer’s icecream having done similar commercials for human food.  


I have been a metaphical-minded, spiritual seeker for around 15 years.   Meditation is something I still don’t quite grasp.  It is no wonder why I don’t quite understand it after doing a  Google search on “What is meditation?”  The answers were quite varied.  It is as tricky as trying to understand what is healthy while the health experts argue amongst each other.  Yet, the spiritual community constantly brings up the value of meditation.   I believe many of us have experienced frustration trying to meditate “right”.  I suppose the best thing to do when trying to understand the subject is to research a variety of sources and find what clicks with you.   I can tell you that meditation for me is not surpassing thought to reach enlightenment.   I am not the type of person who can ignore an itchy nose and achieve prolonged stillness.  For me, meditation is taking time to be present in the moment and open to inspiration/spiritual messages.  If metatation frustrates you, that just seems counterproductive.   It is okay not to meditate if it doesn’t help you.   Please keep in mind that if your idea of meditation is the same as mine, it is okay not to get a message.   Sometimes we aren’t ready for our next lesson.  You may also want to consider guided meditation.   I find those the most helpful.   Just make sure the speaker soothes you.  You don’t want to be guided by a person who gives you a bad feeling. 

Blessed be, y’all. 


After over a year on WordPress with over 100 blogs I still have less than 50 subscribers.   I don’t have a ton of blogs I am subscribed too either. I’d like to make more WordPress connections.   If you know of any blogs you think would interest me,  please leave your recommendations.  If you know of anyone you think would enjoy my posts, please give them a link to my blog.  I want my subscribers to know that I appreciate your support and our interactions.  

Mind Blown: A Goddess Realization

The Goddess Aine by Helen O’Sullivan

Last year I had a couple posts about Aine.  I hadn’t really thought about Aine much since then, but tonight something (I can’t recall what) inspired me to look up about her/Her again.  I learned the proper pronunciation of the name is awn ye, or in English Anya.  I did a guided meditation to have a proper meeting with Goddess sometime within the past few years.  In it, although I previously kept this to myself because it is so personal, I was told that my Goddess’ name is Anya.  At the time I discovered that the name means “Mother” in Hungarian.  That was enough affirmation for me.  Now I have learned that my red-haired Goddess from that meditation could be the same red-haired Fae royal I found interest in and affirmation from.


Canoeing Into Another’s Dreamscape


Several years ago I had a rather complicated friendship.  This person and I seemed to have a very real connection and even fumbled over the idea of dating.  I was the one who decided against us dating.  I loved him, but I loved him much like I loved my best female friend.  To me he was a kindred soul who played an important role in the development of my spirituality.  He promised me he would not abandon our friendship.  Then he decided to pour gasoline all over the bridge that connected us.  He lit it on fire, watched the blaze turn the bridge into ashes, and then let all those ashes be washed down stream and scattered goodness knows where.  I was angry for quite a while.  This wasn’t the type of anger you get simply from being ticked off.  This was the type of anger you get from letting someone into your heart only to have them rip it open.  This anger was so intense it was almost hatred.  Perhaps it actually was hatred.  The experience caused me so much emotional turmoil that I reached a point in which I realized I was poisoning myself.  I knew I needed to forgive him in order to have peace.

I accepted that it was karma’s job to teach him a lesson and not my job to hold venom within myself.  I let go of the anger and pain.  I grieved the loss of the person who I had been friends with (because to me that person had died or was a fake all along), and I found peace.  That’s not quite the end of the story though.

Throughout the years he has appeared in my dreams numerous times.  The environment of the dream changes.  His emotional state in the dream is not always the same.  The message goes unchanged though.  In these dreams, he is regretful for what occurred and he wishes to be in my life again.  My response is always some version of “I forgive you, but I cannot let you back into my life.”  Even though I have found peace and let him go, somehow he continues to appear in my dreams what seems to be at least once a year.  Something in my mind, be it my own intuition or a spirit guide, tells me his psyche might be canoeing its way into my dreamscape (since the bridge was burned).  I don’t know if he would be doing so consciously or if his subconscious is holding the paddle.   I wonder if this type of occurrence is fairly common.  Have any of my readers experienced this?  If so, have those readers been able to get the occurrence to stop?

Blessed be, y’all.

Chrysocolla for Pain


As with most stones, there are multiple uses for Chrysocolla.  The most commonly mentioned use seems to be as a communication aid.  My primary use for this stone is to soothe me when I am in pain.  I discovered Chrysocolla’s usefulness as a pain reliever when I suffered from TMD (affecting the jaw and neck) symptoms for a time a few years ago.  I took naproxen, used a heating pad, and used this stone when the pain flared up.  Thankfully those TMD symptoms eventually went away.  However, I do have the occasional migraine.  Last night I felt a migraine coming on, and I instinctively started massaging over my sinuses with the pictured stone.  I believe I also held it in my hand as I ran my fingers over my scalp (the same hand).  The migraine retreated after maybe around 15 minutes of doing this.  Normally I have to take Excedrin Migraine, apply a cold pack to the back of my neck, and drink a Coca Cola to deal with a migraine.  Getting rid of it before it got bad by massage with a stone was rather impressive to me.  Sure this is not the most convenient method if you are out in public.  I can imagine the looks a person would get rubbing Chrysocolla over his or her face while at work.  I definitely would not recommend relying solely on a stone if your pain is severe.  However, I wouldn’t hesitate to pull this stone out to deal with minor aches or as a facet of a treatment plan to cope with stronger pain while at home.  That all being said, this is what works for me.  I am not a medical professional.  If you are seriously suffering, seek professional help.  Blessed be, y’all.

Professional Psychics

I am struggling to understand why anybody would want to be a professional psychic.  Well, I understand why con artists would want to present themselves as psychics, but it seems it would be quite stressful for geniune psychics to make themselves open for constant criticism and the looming threat of being labeled a fraud when occasionally they get something wrong.   I suppose you need a thick skin and a good support system.