Edinburgh Dolls and Witchcraft

Posted by ScotlandNow

I was watching a show earlier, I believe it was Mysteries at the Museum, in which they were discussing the case of 17 dolls in coffins that were found in Edinburgh in 1836.  Among the speculation of their purpose it was stated that they could “have had a more sinister purpose…witchcraft.”  This irked me.  The insinuation that witchcraft is surely sinister is not something that belongs in a program meant to educate people.  In fact, the stated popular belief for the purpose of these dolls seems like a positive form of witchcraft even though the show did not recognize it as such.  The show presented that the most logical explanation for the purpose of these dolls was to give a proper burial to 17 murder victims whose bodies had not been found.  It is theorized that since the people of the time believed you needed to have a properly buried body in order to be resurrected, that a local who felt bad for the victims made these dolls in coffins in an attempt to help those souls.  This similar wishy washiness about witchcraft exists in haunting shows.  In one episode witchcraft will be presented as something that has to be sinister, and then in another episode a family will bring in a circle of Wiccans to help spirits cross over.  I wish the “evil” stigma attached to witchcraft would cease.  Sure, it can be used by messed up people with horrible intentions.  However, it can also be used to heal and protect.  So many people have been murdered in the name of Christianity, yet the masses (in the U.S.) don’t jump to the conclusion that Christianity is bad.  They know that would be a wrong conclusion.  A bad person can contort something beautiful into something dreadful.  That isn’t news to many people.  I just wish more people would apply that bit of common sense when they think of witchcraft.


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