Awakened but Not Wild

This post was inspired by a post from another blogger.  To view the post which inspired this one, click here.

Though a thought-provoking and lovely ode to the awakened woman, I found that some of this post did not resonate with me.  A man who chooses an awakened woman will not necessarily go through a fiery spiritual transformation.  That does not mean he will wish for a different kind of woman.  I think of myself as a fairly awakened woman.  I hope my blog reflects a spiritual awakening.  I have a loving, thoughtful, and intelligent fiance.  However, he is not at all spiritual.  We have been together for over four years and that has not changed.  Perhaps we are an odd couple as a witchy daydreamer and a scientifically-minded, “seeing is believing” type man.  However, we accept each other as is even though we challenge each other’s natures.

I also do not resonate with the link between an awakened woman and a wild woman.  I am sure those descriptors can be linked, but I am both awakened and fairly tame.  I feel as though part of my soul’s journey is to practice patience.  I seek as much calmness as possible.  I pick my battles wisely, and I bite my tongue when I realize that speaking will not help.  Sometimes pushing buttons is called for.  Other times pushing buttons is an act of impatience.  I can quietly walk beside my man when he needs someone to listen instead of speak (even though being quiet can be a challenge for me).  That being said, he does not expect or require me to be a quiet, timid sort of woman.  A woman can tame herself a bit for the sake of peace and energy preservation without discrediting the Sacred Feminine.  Look at the imagery in the Strength card in a tarot deck.  The woman pictured is not screaming “I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR!”  She has a gentle, quiet strength that soothes the lion.

Perhaps you really click with the article I linked.  If you do, that is fine.  Experiences and perceptions differ.  I can only share the view from where I am standing.  Blessed be, y’all.


4 thoughts on “Awakened but Not Wild

  1. You need to be who you are and who you feel comfortable with. I’m an artist and daydreamer like you, but I’m also quite prepared to stand up for myself i necessary. I enjoy company but the older I get, the happier I am to be with myself. My husband is highly active and practical, always on the go, thinks my art is truly whacko, but we love and respect each other for who we are. And we’ve stuck it out for nearly 40 years so this might cheer you on, eh?

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