Wise Ones

I may have to get a Doreen Virtue book one day.  Something clicks every time I hear or read about the Wise Ones.  



2 thoughts on “Wise Ones

  1. The Angel Lady! I used to read her when I was much sicker. I do not remember the Wise Ones, but she has written so many books it is hard to read them all. I was a medicine man in one past life. I was collecting herbal medicine in the words when I was killed by a bear. Before that I had felt very alone, in that everyone looked up to me so much they had trouble talking to me.

    I also was the daughter of a witch in one life. After she was burned at the stake no one would take in the child of a witch and I died in the cold winter coughing.

    In another life, I was a woman from the Middle Eastern area long ago. Someone falsely accused me of having an affair. It was so painful to have the village, and my own husband stone me to death.

    The final life I remember, I was an Asian woman. It was also ancient times. I lived a long life, and what was considered a full life for a woman at the time.

    I have been told I had a life as a Native American woman. I picked weeds for eating often.

    I also had a life as a poor woman in the Celtic area. My family could not afford for me to get married. I became an old widow, and normally would have had a hard life. However, I had a connection with Faeries and could communicate with them. I would cure people who were cursed by Faeries. So people paid me to help them.

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