Mind Blown: A Goddess Realization

The Goddess Aine by Helen O’Sullivan

Last year I had a couple posts about Aine.  I hadn’t really thought about Aine much since then, but tonight something (I can’t recall what) inspired me to look up about her/Her again.  I learned the proper pronunciation of the name is awn ye, or in English Anya.  I did a guided meditation to have a proper meeting with Goddess sometime within the past few years.  In it, although I previously kept this to myself because it is so personal, I was told that my Goddess’ name is Anya.  At the time I discovered that the name means “Mother” in Hungarian.  That was enough affirmation for me.  Now I have learned that my red-haired Goddess from that meditation could be the same red-haired Fae royal I found interest in and affirmation from.



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