I have been a metaphical-minded, spiritual seeker for around 15 years.   Meditation is something I still don’t quite grasp.  It is no wonder why I don’t quite understand it after doing a  Google search on “What is meditation?”  The answers were quite varied.  It is as tricky as trying to understand what is healthy while the health experts argue amongst each other.  Yet, the spiritual community constantly brings up the value of meditation.   I believe many of us have experienced frustration trying to meditate “right”.  I suppose the best thing to do when trying to understand the subject is to research a variety of sources and find what clicks with you.   I can tell you that meditation for me is not surpassing thought to reach enlightenment.   I am not the type of person who can ignore an itchy nose and achieve prolonged stillness.  For me, meditation is taking time to be present in the moment and open to inspiration/spiritual messages.  If metatation frustrates you, that just seems counterproductive.   It is okay not to meditate if it doesn’t help you.   Please keep in mind that if your idea of meditation is the same as mine, it is okay not to get a message.   Sometimes we aren’t ready for our next lesson.  You may also want to consider guided meditation.   I find those the most helpful.   Just make sure the speaker soothes you.  You don’t want to be guided by a person who gives you a bad feeling. 

Blessed be, y’all. 


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