Tomorrow marks the start of Mammawcation!  My mammaw has not been on vacation in probably around 10 years.  Her and my pappaw used to love to go on trips together,  but in 2005 he got sick and it was a condition that is rare with no cure.  Over the next 9 years his health got worse and worse.  Their dreams of retirement years full of travel were sadly not to happen.  My loving Pappaw passed away in 2014.  Mammaw had spent over 50 years with someone at her side and could not fathem taking a vacation alone.  I decided it was time she get further than 30 minutes from home.  

The other side of my family has a little inherited house that sits on the property my other grandmother grew up on.  It is in a peaceful mountain community.  It is a place that I am fortunate enough to visit a few times during the summer.  I absolutely love it there.  Tomorrow me and Mammaw venture out for her first vacation without my pappaw since she was married.  I hope she has a wonderful time and makes some new memories to cherish.  That being said,  I will check WordPress on my phone while I am away from home.  Posts and comments will probably be short though.  

Blessed be, y’all.


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