I was watching television tonight and something clicked as I listened to Whitney Way Thore talk about how it used to be for her when someone she loved walked away from her.  She had decided to end her romantic relationship (or not so romantic, hence its end) and was saying that in the past it was like the men who left her were taking her worth with them.  This made her breakups all the more devastating.  In contrast, now she has found love for herself that her most recent ex would not be walking away with.  How many of us have experienced the devastation that comes when we fabricate our self-worth out of how our loved ones treat us?  How many of us have had to learn over years of heartbreak that loving ourselves is just as great, if not more great, than being loved by a romantic partner? In this moment of vulnerability I witnessed, I felt a connection with another human being that I do not know.  This experience she shared is just one of many types of experiences humans share on a large scale.  If you are going through a difficult time and feel like nobody understands, know that chances are there are many other people in the world who understand very well.  Even though you may feel alone and hopeless, there are people who have gone through what you are experiencing and have come out into a brighter light.  I realize that being aware there are others like you is not as comforting as having such people in your life.  However, I hope it can bring some comfort when needed.  I also hope that this realization of connection with those we do not know will influence us to be kinder.

Blessed be, y’all.


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