Spellcraft and Karma

There are those who believe in karma/the rule of 3 and those who do not.  I do believe in karma.  People who believe in karma will typically advise against doing any spell that puts out negative intention or takes away another’s free will.  There are probably numerous people who don’t believe in karma that would still advise the same simply out of human decency.  Following this advice doesn’t mean that you can’t do a love spell; it means that you can’t do a love spell to MAKE someone love you.  It doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t bind someone from doing harm because your intent then is not to hurt or control that person so much as it is to protect yourself and others.

However, plenty of spell casters disregard the notion of karma and cast their spells for their gain without caring about the negative effect it could have on others.  For example, Sally wants Dave to love her.  She wants this more than anything.  She decides to do a spell to make Dave fall in love with her and dump his girlfriend.  The problem is Dave and his girlfriend are basically perfect for each other.  They love each other unconditionally.  If Sally’s spell is successful, Dave’s now ex girlfriend is miserable and you have robbed both of them of genuine love.  You have also robbed yourself of knowing that the man you are with truly loves you for who you are.

Another example could be that Sally is so jealous and hateful of Dave’s girlfriend, lets call her Suzie, that Sally does a spell to bring chaos into Suzie’s life.  A few days later Suzie’s car won’t start.  She is late for work and loses her job.  Now her and Dave are going to struggle to pay their rent.  They might even lose their apartment.  Without meaning to hurt Dave, you have done so anyway.  On top of that, you might be surprised when suddenly your own life becomes more chaotic than Suzie’s.  Many witches might disagree with my perspective or say that they believe in karma and disregard it if they feel it is worth the risk.  That is their prerogative.  I can only use my perspective to caution others and let them decide what choices to make.

Blessed be, y’all.


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