This Journey


My spirituality, like my life, is a journey.  I pick up some things as I go along and keep them in my figurative backpack as I trek my path.  Just because something is put into the backpack does not mean it will stay in there forever.  I can pick up a spiritual idea and try it out.  Not every idea will work for me though.  There is no need to keep carrying something that is not useful.

I am not someone who claims to be a brilliant guru.  I am a work-in-progress.  I will most likely remain a work-in-progress.  Working on the self can be tiring.  Sometimes I will take a break.  I believe spiritual studies to be like other studies in that taking time away to goof off can help you come back more focused and refreshed.  This explains why there will be periods of time that may span weeks in which I do not blog.  I don’t expect such a time in the immediate future, but I am sure there will be plenty of breaks from blogging.  All of these things are okay.

As a spiritual person, I understand that desire to be continuously working to better oneself on a soul level.  I understand wanting so badly to connect to the Divine in a way that is almost tangible.  I understand wanting to feel sure of a belief and of oneself.  I have longed for experiences like vivid past life memories that I can validate with historical information.  I wish I had a better understanding of the complexities of Deity.  I wish that I could be as graceful and magickal in my waking hours as I have seen myself in dreams.  All of this can be frustrating when I am not getting the kind of results I hope for.

However, not getting the results I am hoping for does not mean I am not getting results.  Slow progress is still progress.  While reading this blog, if you chose to keep up with my journey, keep in mind that there will likely never be a set religion I subscribe to.  I have enough restrictions to deal with as a human being that I do not wish to feel restricted in what I can believe.  I do not know where my path is taking me.  Your guess might be as good as mine.  This is not a blog for someone who wishes to read only the words of self-satisfied, certain individuals.  That is not me.  I am here to try to help others in a subtle way.  I am here to help people learn about themselves and hopefully understand (and sometimes relate to) another’s perspective.  I am here to let people know that there is beauty in walking a path alone yet adjacent to others.  I am here to say that taking a slow-paced stroll along your path may allow you to witness more than running full speed ahead. Take a deep breath.  Smile about all the goodness in your life.  Take however much time is needed to learn what you need to learn, and let go of what no longer suits you.

Blessed be, y’all.



One thought on “This Journey

  1. I too take long breaks from Spiritual work, and Blogging. When I first started out I would not Blog for many months, only to come back later. Now I maintain my presence by Blogging just a little in that time. Mainly I explain that I am taking a break and say Sorry. Last month I did as many posts in the whole month as I normally do in a week’s time.

    You need to be free to follow your own Spiritual Path. Like a child growing up, they did not continuously grow taller, but grew in waves. The body naturally knew when it was the best time to grow. Naturally your interests will tell you in which area to grow. Sometimes this might mean growing in your ability to have fun/relax.

    Few people really understand the importance of taking time to learn how to laugh more often. To learn how to smile more passionately. Yet, there is no better way to recharge batteries.

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