I’m Afraid to Sleep on My Back


I noticed years ago (as a teenager) that whenever I would experience sleep paralysis type experiences or nightmares, I would wake up lying on my back.  I have heard that lying on the back makes astral projection easier, and I wonder if my astral body has a tendency to slip into a lower vibration areas of the astral plane.  Something to point out about the dreams I have that leads me to consider the possibility of astral realm phenomena is that these dreams are often enough lucid to a degree.  This means that I am aware I am dreaming, but don’t necessarily have control over how the dream plays out.

The sleep cycle before last I dreamed that I was in a version of the trailer I used to live in as a child, and there were spirits in there that were having trouble moving on past the astral realm.  I knew this was not really that trailer, but rather a sort of comfortable stage.  One of these spirits was a teenage girl who seemed to just want company to vent to a bit.  Another was a little boy with darkened eyes (as though he had very dark circles around his eyes).  As I told him that I believed asking Jesus for help (and perhaps Archangel Michael) would help him find the light and go into Heaven, the darkness on his face diminished and it began to brighten.  I think he even smiled.  There was also the presence of a deceased family member of mine who occasionally pops up in my dreams.  In the dreams she realizes that she is no longer incarnate.  She is not there to give me messages or send loving vibrations.  It seems more like she is waiting for her sons and in the meantime just likes to occasionally be around somebody from her life that will recognize her presence.  What makes this more odd is that I feel she is at peace in Heaven when I am awake (or at least I like to believe that).  So my conscious self  and my dream self have been in disagreement.  This dream made me wonder if I have a form of dream mediumship.

Spirit mediumship is not an ability I have wanted.  I had numerous seemingly supernatural experiences throughout my adolescence.  They frightened me and I was glad as I stopped sensing presences when I got out of my teens.  Is it possible that a form of mediumship just went dormant in me and occasionally awakens while I sleep?  I would prefer to think that the spirits I encounter in dreams are just manifestations of my subconscious working through something or seeking to entertain me.  I am not sure of this though.  I got my magickal name from a dream in which I was taken to the spirit world and greeted as a queen in that domain.  I do not know if there is a spiritual reason for such dream connections or if they are merely coincidences that I tie together with strings.  Does anybody else ever get the sense in their dreams that their astral bodies are on a mission to help heal souls that are stuck or somehow darkened?  I believe I know of at least one fellow blogger who has had such experiences.  I really do hope that my spirit does not have some mission to help souls that are not incarnate.  The notion of that scares me a bit.  That responsibility is a bit too heavy for my preference.  I’d much rather work with the currently living.  I suppose I have nothing else to say about the topic at the moment.

Blessed be, y’all.



3 thoughts on “I’m Afraid to Sleep on My Back

  1. If you followed me when the Korean Idol Tzuyu was unfairly in the middle of a scandal, you will know that I sent her “I Love You’s,” in hopes of helping the situation. The “I Loves You’s” were not just directed at her but to all involved.

    Months later, I recall starting having dreams where I was repeating “I Love You.” In one I was very aware that I was sending the “I Love You’s” to Tzuyu. I do not really follow the Idol, but appearently by stepping in, I now am responible for continuiously supporting her (sometimes) in my dreams.

    (It was a really big scandal, so big people were worried it would result in a War between China and Twiwan. The 16 year old Idol was a representation of the tensions between the two.)

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  2. Yes! I have similar “dreams” where I am clearing out spaces of lost souls. I also used to really be turned off by mediumship and thought it was just too heavy for me, but I’ve come to realize it’s a part of my purpose here to do this work in dream time. And thank goodness it’s in dream time because my conscious mind is still terrified of it all. heheheh

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