A Spiritual Living

I would love to make a living by focusing on the spiritual topics that interest me.  Being a psychic or tarot reader are not options I would work torwards.  Psychics put themselves in a particularly vulnerable position to be called a fraud, and I don’t even know that I could develop the necessary ability for that kind of work.  I can’t be a professional YouTuber because I only have a toe out of the broom closet and I wouldn’t want to deal with the mass of haters that plague YouTube.  I am not going to be getting a book published in the foreseeable future.   I have loved the idea of working in a metaphysical shop since I was a teen, but there are none around me.  I certainly don’t have the funds to open my own shop (not even an etsy shop, but I would prefer a brick and mortar store).  Maybe if I keep my passion and continue writing for this blog it will one day have enough subscribers that WordPress thinks it is worthy of its ad program.  Time will tell if I can ever be successful with a metaphysics oriented career.  In the mean time, I blog because it enriches my life.  I find happiness in expression and connections.   

Blessed be, y’all. 


3 thoughts on “A Spiritual Living

  1. I started focusing on Blogging more over a year ago to build up a Platform for Publishing a book someday. It might take a long time to write the book, but I am thinking of writing an memoir with mixed with Old Blog Posts. While every year, I have had more views than the last, it is taking a long time. Yet, I have seen Blogs that take off like Rockets. Mine is like a light snowfall slowly covering the ground.

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      1. It is hard to tell with Blogs. I had an article linked to by a big site, which I had to convert to draft because it mentioned my Nephew. If my Blog had looked nicer two or three years ago, I could have caught those visitors (at least some.) I haven’t stuck gold since, but you never know.

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