Soft and Strong

No, this post is not about toilet paper.  :-p  This post is about what I suppose I will call the lightworkers.

strength by katelan foisy
Strength by Katelan Foisy

There are those of us who are soft in a world of harshness.  People come to us because we are non-threatening.  Sometimes they seek understanding, and sometimes they seek to vent anger to someone who will not snap back.  As people who do not like conflict, it can be easy for us to become doormats for others to step on.  It is important that we be like the woman in the classic tarot Strength imagery.  She knows it is better to charm a beast than to react in a way that will cause that beast to destroy her.  She keeps her composure while beside a lion.  In response to her gentle strength, the lion does not attack her.    They appear as companions when it would be more common for the woman to become prey.

Others may tell you to snap back when they think you are not defending yourself.  You may feel like remaining quiet and sulking in solitude.  However, you likely know that the best way for you to handle someone taking advantage of your gentle nature is to calmly point out that they are mistreating you whether they intend to or not.  If that does not work to resolve mistreatment, you know you are dealing with a person who does not respect you.  That is a person you need to separate yourself from.  Don’t let your gentleness lead to your downfall when it can be your strength.

Blessed be, y’all.


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