Psychic Dream? *Raises Eyebrow*

I needed to document this dream so I don’t forget it.  I woke up from this dream this morning.  I was having a dream that I was a girl looking for an inexpensive place to live, like a small house or a camper.  At some point I must have realized I was dreaming and I asked my guides or The Divine to show me where I should build my home one day.  I started soaring through the air at high speed like I was being pulled in a near teleportation style to the place I was meant to see.  I remember as I approached my stop I passed a lighthouse.  I didn’t see an ocean around though.  The place I landed was up on a hill or small cliff in front of what I think was a lake beach.  The yard around the house was green with grass I believe though.  There was a 2 story house that I think might have been a sort of purple or blue  color.  The house looked kind of like a house you would see an upper middle class/lower upper class family live in from a movie between the mid 1980s-the mid 1990s.

There was a couple on the front porch drinking lemonade or something and chatting at a small table I believe.  The woman was fairly thin, but not skinny.  She was the mom of the house, and I believe between her mid 40s and early 50s.  She had sandy blonde hair that was around shoulder length.  She was a pretty woman.  I don’t recall what her husband looked like.  I remember saying to my guides or whoever that I wanted to go in the house but I didn’t want the family to see me (because people generally don’t give people a warm hug for coming into their home uninvited).  I walked in the house and looked around a bit with no problem.  The family saw me, but didn’t see ME.  It was like I took on the appearance of a family member.  I feel like I may have been seen like the family’s son.  As I was walking around it looked like a pretty normal house.  I went into the teenage daughter’s room.  She was looking at me and talking to me (but I don’t know what she said).  She was a pretty blonde girl.  I believe she was lean and had straight hair that would have settled around the bottom of her shoulder blades. I believe she wore a headband.   She looked about like a member of The Babysitter’s Club.  A friend of hers was on her bed.  She was I suppose a little chubby.  I will say a full figured gal, but not very full figured.  She had curly black (or at least rather dark brown) hair that came to a little below her shoulders.  I believe she was wearing mostly black clothing and had fairly pale skin.  She was a contrast to the preppy-looking sister figure.  I was drawn to her for some reason.  It was like I recognized her soul.  I think she started looking at me like I was weird because she realized I was staring at her or she sensed something was off about me (like maybe I didn’t seem like who I appeared to be).  I left that bedroom and kept exploring.

I realized that I must be an older home that had been remodeled to look newer.  I say this because one door opened to a fairly large room that looked like it had been untouched for years.  It was nearly empty, but I could see from the doorway that there was a little rocking horse rocking with nobody visible sitting on it.  The mother started coming toward me so I moved away from that door.  She saw that the door was not closed all the way and looked a little perplexed as she closed it.  I think she said something like “I wonder who would open that.”  Which suggested to me that they didn’t use that room.  Then she just went about her business.  I suddenly felt like I needed to get out of there.  I think it may have been because I realized the house was haunted and I was worried something was about to happen that I didn’t want to be present for.  I hurried back down the stairs (that creepy room and the bedrooms were up on the second floor.)  I said that I wanted my astral body to quickly get back to my physical body.  As I got maybe 12 feet or so from the front door a commotion apparently started upstairs.  The teenage blonde girl ran down stairs and tried to hurry me back up to the second floor like I needed to see what was happening.  I realized that I needed to ask where this place was before I woke up.  She looked at me like I was crazy and should know that already.  I believe I asked again and she answered me with a confused and maybe annoyed expression on her face.  I couldn’t quite understand what she said though, and then I suddenly woke up.  I spent a little time on Google fishing for matches to what I had seen.  Nothing matched up.

Something that set this dream apart from other dreams was that I was viewing it at a different angle.  I tend to view dreams like a watcher.  I see myself in dreams often as though I am outside of myself watching an alternate version of myself or maybe even somebody else.  The dream started out that way as I watched the girl look for a cheap place to live and when I first realized I was dreaming.  But when I was walking through that house, I could not see myself.  I was experiencing it like I was in body.  I don’t know if this dream is truly relevant to me somehow or if my guides just wanted to take me on an astral adventure.  Either way, it was interesting.


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