Haunted Cemeteries

Kingston Cemetery, now Skeleton Park in Canada

Many of us have been taught that souls who are at peace when their lives end move on to Heaven or reincarnation.  Yet, those with an interest in true ghost stories have heard numerous tales of disturbed graves causing ghostly occurrences.    This poses some questions:

  1. Can disturbing graves bring souls back from the other side?
  2. Does disturbing graves only agitate spirits who have not crossed over?
  3. Do our souls imprint on our bodies in such a way that disturbing the remains of the deceased activates paranormal activity without manifesting actual souls?

I am interested in what others who study the paranormal have to say about this.  Do you think you know the answers?


2 thoughts on “Haunted Cemeteries

  1. I’d think #1, or maybe the process of disturbing a grave upsets the one who has done the disturbing. They begin to think a ghost is getting revenge. So by the power of their fears they create ghostly occurrences.

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