I Find the Joy

I find the joy
because pain will find me.
I am not such a sadist
to find myself craving misery.
What help is it to cut open oneself
and pour salt on the wounds?  
What help is it to stare at wounds, screaming,
and doing nothing to heal oneself?
Instead, I find the joy
which is both suture and medicine. 
I wrote this because so many people focus on what pains them to the extent that they become continuously angry, paranoid, and wrapped up in conspiracy theories.  It is true that we usually have to be aware of a problem in order to deal with it.  However, we don’t need to throw ourselves into a river of problems so that we can feel something or punish ourselves.  Doing such is bad psychological programming.  You won’t stop the machine of hate and paranoia if you keep feeding it more of the same.  Find what heals you.  Carry those gifts of life around wherever you go.


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