Head Witch In Charge

I admire the confidence of the “head witch in charge” type of woman.  I am a beta female.  I shy away from conflict as much as I can.  It seems that being an alpha male or female can make a person callous to the feelings of others.  It is a truly awesome person who can take charge without trampling others.

There are those in the witchy community who believe you must be the “head witch in charge” type of person to truly be a witch.  They believe that a witch always fights to be in control of her/his life and will do whatever it takes to get what is desired.  To these people, I may not deserve to identify as a witch.  I could almost envy a woman who doesn’t take any crap and charges full speed ahead.  If she gets what she wants, she will get it faster than I would.  However, there can be more safety in walking softly.  I might take longer to get to a destination, but I am more likely to get there without enemies.  I hope my journey molds me into a woman who can bravely take the reigns in a manner that doesn’t tread too harshly.   


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