Spirituality; How I Deal with Anxiety


I have never gone to a psychiatrist to be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.  1) I can’t afford that.  2) I have no desire to be put on anxiety medication.  I know some people need the medication, but I do not.

For me anxiety is not a constant.  It comes in waves.  It particularly comes with stressors.  I know it is normal for people to experience anxiety when stressed.  It seems for me to go to a level that can fairly easily overwhelm me.  I feel the stress in my chest and stomach.  It can be debilitating.  I thankfully don’t get this way every time I am stressed.  Sometimes that anxious feeling lingers in my chest and stomach for a while though.  It is there to a lower level as I type this.  It is a reminder that I am a person who feels strongly when I see suffering.  It is a reminder that I am at least somewhat scared of change.  It is a reminder that I can be a sponge for other people’s negativity.  It is a reminder that I should not be a mother because I NEED plenty of alone time and lack the patience to deal with people who cannot be reasoned with (which is the definition of a child throwing a temper tantrum).  I am accepting of these aspects of myself.  I am a work-in-progress and probably always will be.  Coping mechanisms are needed though.  It’s human to fall apart sometimes, and it is necessary for survival to figure out how to put yourself back together. Spirituality is my medicine.

The triquetra is a sacred symbol to me.  It is THE sacred symbol for my spiritual practice.  It represents my connection to The Divine.  I keep a triquetra wall hanging over my altar that I use as a focal point.  I sat at my altar this morning.  I prayed for help (for others and myself) and I gave thanks for blessings.  Spending time at my altar talking to Father and Mother helps to soothe me.  Mantras can help to soothe me as well.  The two mantras I use are “My heart is light as a feather and full of light” and “Let go and let God.”  I also find that holding a crystal or lying down with one over my heart can help cleanse me of unwanted emotions.  I don’t always use the same crystal.  I have a collection and I choose which to use as needed.  I do have favorites, however, for cleansing myself of anxiety and rejuvenating me emotionally.  Green calcite helps to wipe away the freaked-out anxiety.  My opal egg somehow helps me feel happier.  Rose quartz is like an energy hug that helps me when someone has/is unloading on me.  The kind of hug that suggests “They don’t mean to yell at you.  Stay strong and loving.”  I realize I have talked about crystals for anxiety before, but perhaps a newbie to my blog is drown to this post for help.  Hopefully all of this is helpful for somebody.

The world, especially the country I’m in, has so many people who don’t use spirituality for comfort because they don’t believe or they are angry at religion or the Powers that Be.  I can’t convince someone to believe in God or Goddess.  That is apart of their very personal journey whether they come to believe or not.  However, I suggest to not let an aversion to religion keep you from praying or working on your soul.  Spirituality can exist outside of the confines of religion.  Also, it is important to not stay angry when things don’t go as you plan or pray for.  We can’t control everything.  Other people have free will and sometimes there are freak accidents.  Sometimes we won’t understand why something that bothers us continues.  It helps emotional well-being to accept that we can’t control everything and won’t understand everything.  It helps to keep faith that God will help us to fix the problems we find ourselves in, and to remind ourselves that sometimes things will take longer to fix than we wish for.  Being grateful for blessings helps to keep one afloat as well.  If you find yourself wanting to let spirituality help you, I whole-heartedly recommend creating a designated sacred space (like an altar), or at least wearing a piece of jewelry that reminds you of your spiritual path when you feel yourself sinking.  For those who truly need medication to correct imbalances, incorporating spirituality can simply be another aspect of self-care that works holistically to keep you well.  I wish you to love yourselves and be kind to others.  Blessed be, y’all.

As a note;  I found the remnants of that anxious feeling in my chest and stomach gone after I typed this all out.  This just goes to show the power of expression and trying to ignite light for others.  


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