A Cursing Loophole

I am very much against cursing people.   Even if a person deserves it, I believe in karma which would come back to the witch.  However, I had a dream that helped me to realize a possible loophole.  I had a dream in which I watched a guy dump his nice girlfriend in a cruel way.  This dream gave me the idea that if a witch does a spell merely to encourage karma to be obvious in such a person’s life she or he would give that person the chance to curse himself/herself with their misdeeds.  If the person lives with kindness they would be blessed, which is a good thing.  However, the witch should make sure she is living kindly before doing such a spell.   Chances are she would simultaneously encourage karma to be more obvious in her life because of getting what you put out (which is basically karma’s definition).   This is basically just me rambling about my first train of thought this morning.   :-p


I Don’t Understand The Hype

Eckhart Tolle is thought off like a rockstar of spiritual literature and a guru of sorts.  I have been watching him lecture.  He seems like a very relaxed and nice man.  However,he seems to talk in circles constantly mentioning consciousness and discrediting individual personalities (or egos) as falsehoods.   He says if you meditate and identify yourself as anything beyond “I am” you are wrong.  This means you cannot be genuinely concious/awakened if you find yourself thinking  something like “I am a being of love” or “I am more than my parents perceive me to be.”  The key to conscious, according to how he describes it, is to be completely present in a moment without thinking about it.  As a commenter under the video pointed out, thinking “I am”still involves thinking.  The man has managed to simultaneously overcomplicate and oversimplify spiritual awareness.   I believe there to be some pearls of wisdom in his teachings.   However, in maybe 25 minutes of him speaking, the only lesson that really meant anything to me was him quoting scripture to point out that God is the light of the world and so are we.  I consider that “we” to mean people who seek to change the world in positive ways, thus honoring God.  

I know that this man’s books are said to have helped many.  That is a good thing.  I don’t mean to insult him, I am just saying I personally don’t seem to click too much with what he has to say.  Maybe his books are more enlightening than his speaches.  

YouTube Pagan Challenge #11-18

11) What does the sun mean to you?

  • The sun means the obvious to me: Fire, warmth, light, and the start of a new day.  I also love seeing a beautifully colored sunset.

12) What does Spring mean to you?

  • I love Springtime.  Visible life has returned to the trees and the ground.  The birds come back and chirp away.  The curious little hummingbirds chase each other around in a bid to be the king or queen of the hummingbird feeder.  It’s a time to start opening windows again to let in fresh air and enjoy the revitalized energy emanating from nature.  It is a time of reawakening.

13) Do you use divination?  What type(s)?

  • I previously  used tarot.  I still have the cards, but I have not used them in a while.  I am trying to take things day by day.  Thus, divination is not currently in the cards for me.  Yes, that was a pun.  :-p

14) What does magic/k mean to you?

  • I think of magic as what Penn & Teller perform.  I consider what witches work with to be magick.  I know not everybody sees it that way, but that is how I distinguish the two.  Magick as I perceive it is working with energy and intent in order to bring about a desired outcome.  For me, I work with the Divine to perform magick.  Thus, my magick is worked like prayers with visual representations.

15) Do you perform spells on a regular basis?

  • I perform spells as needed, if you would even call them spells.  They are usually very simple.  If I am going through a particularly trying time, I may perform spellwork regularly during that period of time.   Then again, I might go months without doing any spellwork.

16) What spiritual practice do you do most often?

  • Prayer and giving thanks.  These two are typically done together.  This doesn’t necessarily mean I am on my knees with my hands pressed together.  Quite often it can be me just sitting on my bed and talking (vocally or mentally) to the Divine.  I practice this regularly.

17)  What does Summer mean to you?

Summer means longer days, high temperatures, and paying respect to the fae on the day of the Summer Solstice.  It also means humidity and mosquitoes in my area, which is more reason I keep my window closed much of the time through July and August especially.  We had “real feel” days of 108 degrees Fahrenheit (and seemingly some days even higher) when the actual temperature was 15-20 degrees lower than that.  Imagine the real feel on days when the temperature has been in the high 90s.  I’m okay up until the Solstice, but after that I find Summer to be a bit harsh.  That means Summer ends up being much like a second Winter to me.  I am shut up in the house to stay out of the weather as much as possible.  There is just more sunlight.

18) What does deity/god/divine mean to you?

  • To me, God and Goddess are the co-creating Divine Father and Mother.  Deity may be a term a I use to describe any god or goddess that others worship or I pay notice to aside from Mother and Father.  Granted, I might think of those deities I may pay attention to aside from Father God and Mother Goddess as Their sons and/or daughters.

Candle Magick

There are things that have been worrying me lately.   As I take things day by day, I can see Father and Mother helping.  I am greatly thankful for that.  To help banish the worry, I carved prayers into two candles.  Rather specific yet simply worded prayers.  They are burning along with the candles I light to honor Father and Mother.  I also have a 3 wick black candle I got specifically for work on myself.   It is burning with clear quartz and black tourmaline beside it.  I can feel a soothing energy working to keep my worry in check as I sit in this candle lit room.  Blessed be,  y’all.   

Synchronicity or Coincidence?

Some people don’t believe in synchronicity, and some people don’t believe in coincidence.  I suppose I believe in both.  However, even if I don’t understand why things sync up the way they do, it especially starts to seem like synchronicity when unlikely odds really stack up.

Example:  I have 2 cousins that have been pregnant at the same time.  They were due a month apart.  Yet, they went into labor on the same day.  My brother has 4 biological children.  Two of them have the same birthday from a different year, which also happens to be my grandfather’s birthday.  His third child was born on my grandmother’s birthday (that corresponding grandfather’s wife).  One of my cousins was born on the night of my other grandmother’s wake/viewing.  Another cousin was born while I was on a field trip to that hospital.  My brother, my remaining first cousins on one side of the family, and myself all have holiday birthdays.  I don’t know the birthdays of my cousins on the other side of the family.  Also relating to birthdays, I have had 3 long term relationships.  By long term I mean lasting 2 or more years.  This includes, of course, my beloved fiance.  My fiance and one of my exes also each dated a girl with the same birthday as me from different years.  One of those girls even had a name which my name has many times been mistaken as.  When I was 11 or 12 we sold the home we were living in to a family with a daughter who had the same first name and same birthday as me (just younger).  I do not have a particularly common name.

Plenty of people would call all of that coincidence, but that is a WHOLE LOT OF COINCIDENCE if so.  Have any of you experienced such synchronicity?

Black Candles

I fiiiiinally have black candles.  I believe this is a first for me.  They are not the easiest candles to find.  Yankee Candle makes a lovely scented black candle,  but it is out of my budget.  Walmart currently has a small selection of black tapers, tealights, and votives in the Halloween section though.  I got votives and tapers.  I only had $11 dollars to spend so I didn’t buy the full stock.  :-p  I also got a black sandlewood scented candle.  I am not crazy about the scent, but it was only $3.33 before tax.  I see some protection and negativity-stripping magick in my future.  

Mabon/Fall Equinox Redecorating

My decision in regard to my previous post was to make a secondary altar AND redecorate my room.  🙂  I made a secondary altar by covering a couple of storage ottomans.  It is a dual purpose altar for Fall and Aine.  I realize that may seem like a seasonal contradiction since Aine is associated with Summer,  but the red and yellow tie both purposes together nicely.   

I went outside to gather fallen leaves to put in my pumpkin shaped jar.   One in particular caught my attention and it is the only one I brought inside.   I ended up putting it in a frame instead of leaving it in the jar.  As you can see, it looks like it has been printed on.  I think that is pretty awesome.   

I’d like to add that it is a tulip poplar leaf.  I am a fan of tulip poplars.  

Also, Dad let me borrow a comforter printed with Fall colors to cover my bed.  I will be switching my curtains as well.  🙂  Happy Mabon, y’all!


It is Mabon and I want to redecorate my altar.  However,  an important and emotionally charged crystal grid is still doing its work there.   I don’t want to disturb the grid, so I need to figure out a solution.   Unfortunately, my scales (for balance representation) are inside the chest that functions as my altar.  Either I need to bring more fall vibes to my room’s decor or I need a secondary altar.  Maybe I need both.  We shall see.