Surviving the Mercury Retrograde

I don’t know much about astrology.  I was interested in the Zodiac personality descriptions as a child and in my teenage years.  My astrological knowledge does not expand past that.  I have heard the phrase “Mercury in retrograde” many times before.  I have never put much stock in it affecting me though.  Yet, the past week or so (while in Mercury retrograde) has been full of negative overthinking and anxiety.  I have been wanting to take notes while watching Coursera lectures in order to refresh my past lessons about business and also to learn new information.  I have watched some of the lectures, but I have taken no notes yet.  This must soon be resolved.  Instead I have been getting sucked into my own mind for extended periods of time.  I get sucked into a spiral of fear about the future.  I worry about things outside of my control and my own shortcomings.  I get frustrated by predicted inconveniences when I know dreading them isn’t going to make them not occur.  Thank God and Goddess for my spiritual bag of tricks to reclaim balance.  Thank God and Goddess for the vloggers and fellow bloggers that I receive guidance through.

Jamie from the Sophia’s Children blog has posted twice to help me so far during this retrograde.  The first post was 1000 Things Went Right Today.  It was a lovely reminder that plenty of things are still going right in the world, and I should focus more on being thankful for that.  The second post that helped me was Energy Weather.  It described the sort of chaos that is taking place energetically at this time.  A vlog that helped me was this one by Victor Oddo.  He explains that these trying times are opportunities for self-discovery and making improvements.  Hopefully these links will help others as well.  I knew it was time to get up and type this post after I spent some time in gratitude at my altar.

This blog is such a special outlet for me.  It allows me to help others on their path of spirituality while I continue to learn.  That has seemed to be a major part of my life’s purpose since I was a teenager.  I fantasized about having my own metaphysical store so that I could be around other seekers, and I could recommend things to them that have helped me.  I wanted to see them walk in with smiles on their faces after a recommendation worked for them.  I wanted a space for deep and peaceful energy.  This blog is a pretty good substitute for that fantasy.  I get to make a positive difference (hopefully) in people’s lives without having the finances necessary to be an entrepreneur.  Every ‘like’ and ‘follow’ I get encourages me and adds to my happiness.

Blessed be, y’all.


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