Feeling Pretty Awesome

Those who have been keeping up with this blog for a while might remember a post in which I discussed a longing for the type of community YouTube pagans have.  I wanted to feel like a part of that community without vlogging.  In the post I explained how being a vlogger is not for me and I wished for that sense of community to exist on WordPress because it didn’t seem to at the time.  One blogger in particular, PeaceNowFlower, got me to realize that there is a sense of community to be found on WordPress.  I haven’t had a ton of followers, but a few have been pretty faithful in reading my posts.  I appreciate that.  I enjoy giving them feedback when they create new posts.  I also joined the YouTube Pagans group on facebook maybe a few months ago.  It has allowed me to interact with people I am learning from in a way that goes beyond simply being a student.  I get to be a peer.  I haven’t posted much in the group though because I don’t vlog.  Today I got the notion to post my blog link on the group page.  The group quickly reacted in a way I didn’t even dare to imagine.  I didn’t think more than maybe two or three people would really even notice the post.  Within five hours I have had 18 positive reactions to sharing my blog link.  I am quite pleased and thankful.  I am excited by the possibilities for new connections.  Blessed be, y’all.


2 thoughts on “Feeling Pretty Awesome

  1. Thank you, I know I am behind on your posts. I have found a community on WordPress too. There is a local psychic community in my city (one or two of them), but I hardly ever make it to the Meetups. Last meeting I made it too, I realized that we are not exactly on the same page.

    They were telling a member to invoke the protection of the Archangels because they have dreams where they felt like they are being pulled out of their body.

    The member was getting freaked out, and I didn’t know if I should be debating the need for protection. I knew they were perfectly safe without needing to invoke any angels. Yet, the person telling the member they needed protection would have been upset by a debate. For it was a belief they seemed to base so much on.

    I concluded that we were on different paths, and didn’t go back.
    Perhaps I should try the meetup again.

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