Striking a Cord

When I was younger I always wanted to be around friends.  There were so many weekends spent sleeping over at friends’ houses when I was a teenager.  For anybody I was comfortable with, I was practically a chatty Cathy.  On the other hand, I felt awkward around people outside of my group.  There was a feeling of “I am not like these people” when thrown into group work with people outside of my group.  When meeting people I either was quiet as a church mouse or nervously said too much.  I don’t know where I would have fell on the introvert extrovert scale in those days.  Maybe I’d have been an ambivert.  These days I speak plenty to people through this blog and facebook, but have few social interactions outside of those platforms except those interactions with my sweetheart and my grandmother.  Does social media count as a means of being extroverted?  Would this extroversion balance my introverted nature to make me an ambivert now?  I didn’t know.  I found myself watching an amazing TED talk about society needing to be supportive of introverts.  To my surprise, I found myself getting a little emotional a couple of times.  It was like a feeling of relief and happiness that I now better understand myself.  Here is the video for those interested:


One thought on “Striking a Cord

  1. I work in a library which is the Holy Land of Introverts. A safe haven for those needing alone time. Yet, libraries have needed to change to keep up with the digital age.

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