Just an Update

I received 2 affirmations about my Self-love September post within 24 hours of posting it.  The first affirmation came in a YouTube video I watched.  I used to watch videos by the lovely little witch.   My guides had at least once or twice guided me to specific videos of hers in response to my questions.   It was kind of a bummer when she deleted her channel.  I was informed the night of the post that she had returned to YouTube.   I first watched the new channel intro video.  The second video I chose to watch linked in topic with my post.  She even mentioned feeling like her true self had been clawing at her from the inside.  That was very similar wording to mine.  The following morning I got a whim to do a little bibliomancy with my shamanic witchcraft book.  It lead me to reading a line about being a torch.  I mentioned being a torch at the end of my Self-love September post.

On another note, I miss my vivid spiritually insightful dreams.  I made a little tumbled stone mojo bag to keep in my pillowcase, but it hasn’t worked as well as I would like.  Today I was drawn to a simple gray bowl at dollar tree.  I decided I would put crystals in it and keep it on my altar.  Instead I have filled it with  crystals that I hope will assist me to have psychic/spiritual dreams.  I am going to let it stay under my bed for a while.   

dream bowl with spider web jasper, garnet, river stone, amethyst, peacock ore, clear quartz, and moonstone.

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