YouTube Pagan Challenge #1-5

YouTube pagans have been answering a weekly question throughout the year.  I figure I might as well answer the questions too on here.  I just won’t be answering one per week because I need to catch up.  I will answer them as I feel called to, in groups of questions.  I might skip some questions if I feel I don’t have an answer.  I may have started this earlier this year, but oh well if I did.  Here goes:

1)  How did you find your path?  
I make my path as time goes on.  It’s not like a wall got moved out of the way and there was the yellow brick road waiting to lead me to Oz.  I know for some people it does work sort of like that.  Somebody leads them to a religion and things just fall into place for them.  That is simply not how it is for me as an eclectic witch with a melting pot of beliefs.  I will say though that I have been into witchiness since I was a kid.  I, like many young ladies of my generation, fell in love with the movie The Craft.  Sure it is not the most accurate representation of witchcraft, but knowing that one could actually be a witch surely opened a door.

2)  Are you in or out of the closet?
Both.  I am selective about who I come out of the broom closet for.

3)  Do you have an altar/shrine/sacred space?
Yes.  I have an altar in my sacred space.  My sacred space is my bedroom.

4)  Your take on the wheel of the year. 
I observe it to an extent.  I don’t go all out to celebrate the holidays, but I do like noticing the changing of the seasons.

5)  What does Winter mean to you? 
Although I love celebrating Christmas, Winter is largely a time of withdrawal into a still darkness.  The trees have lost their leaves.  The grass is not particularly green.  Most of the birds have gone away.  It’s too cold outside to have the window open for long when I want to let some fresh air in the house, and nights become longer.  I find myself sitting alone in a room dimly lit by an electronic fireplace in the evenings, just trying to stay warm and enjoy the peace.  On a less tranquil note, winter and fall also mean increased breathing problems for me.  These seasons stir up lots of wheezing particularly late at night and in the early morning hours.  This does force more rest though.



3 thoughts on “YouTube Pagan Challenge #1-5

  1. My oh my winter. I have a complex relationship to winter. I do tend to stay instead more. As I walk places instead of driving, I need to pay attention to the weather warnings for Frostbite. It is raining here right now. The increased sound of rain drew my attention. Anyway, I am grateful I have the Fall before the Winter.

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  2. I know what you mean about The Craft. I don’t think I ever considered that a real person could be a witch until I saw that, and even then it seemed like fantasy. But after watching it, my best friend at the time told me his mother was a witch and that kind of opened my eyes. It’s funny how many people were actually changed by that movie which was only meant to be a spooky teenage flick.

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