Spider Totem

I believe I have indicated in the past that the spider may be my totem.  She has definitely been making herself known again.  Friday I had a maybe 50 cent piece size spider DROP ON MY HEAD when I leaned out the door to the backyard.  It jumped off and hurried away to a top corner of the door frame about as quickly as it fell on me.  Of course I shuttered a bit.  The spider was most likely an orb weaver.  They have a liking for that door frame for some reason.

The next morning I found a little black spider in my tissue box (at my grandmother’s house instead of mine, as I stay with her some times).  I was going to let it live outside since it did not try to destroy me in my sleep.  My grandmother instinctively killed it though.  Today I could see long strands of silken web reflecting the sunlight as I gazed through the window.  The breeze had been blowing leaves away, and there is no doubt that some spiders went for a ride in the wind as well.

a previous visitor 

The spider seems to be totem of those who “weave magic with the written word”.  They are a totem of creativity and the knowledge that we weave our own webs in life.  “She is strength and gentleness combined.”     Those who have been keeping up with my blog for a while know that last quote is a bit of a theme.  Blessings to you all.  🙂


3 thoughts on “Spider Totem

  1. It is the season when something that might be a Stinkbug overruns the Apartment. My roommate/sister leaves the balcony door open for air, her cat jumps on the screen so she has to leave the screen open too. As a result, the bugs have been coming in. We were lucky to have few bugs this summer, but now the big brown Stinkbug relatives are crawling across my room. Right now in plain sight, I see three in my room alone. Earlier there were four flying around my room. They keep the cat entertained. I don’t think they bite. So it could be worse.


    1. Oh we have had major stink bug issues in past. I hope they will not infest the house this fall and winter. One stink bug in your mouth (it apparently landed on a honey bun as I was taking a bite) is enough to really make you dread them.

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