YouTube Pagan Challenge #6-10

6) What are you’re cultural influences?

  • I am on the Bible Belt.  I haven’t spent a ton of time in church, granted I have spent a little time in church.  I think there are probably around 19 churches within the city limits and probably 30 or more all together in the 2 city zip codes.  In the little township I attended middle school and high school in (a part of the rural area of the city zip code), there are two larger churches and one smaller church within like a quarter of a square mile of each other.  My city is not a particular large city either.  The amount of churches is insane.  There must have been a time when EVERYBODY went to church.  That all being said, there is a definite Christian influence to my spirituality.  However, I do not jive with all that stuff suggesting that women are lesser than men.  When I hear the phrase “Wives must submit to their husbands as they submit to the Lord” I feel like doing a combination of cringing and laughing.  I find myself saying, “Nope.  Noooope.  Just nope.”

7) How do you view sacred text/mythology?

  • I take these things perhaps with a grain of salt.  People wrote the texts, no matter how many people like to believe that such texts were written by The Divine.  There are different translations of the same texts as they go through different translators and different languages.  This is similar to playing the old schoolhouse game “telephone”.  Bobby would start out whispering to Max, “The flying purple people eater went dancing Friday night.”  Nine people down the line Suzie hears “The flannel wearing guy in pajamas went to bed Friday night.”  This does not mean I believe such texts to be without value.  It simply means that I believe we should trust our instincts when reading things to keep what works for us and throw out what feels wrong.

8) Do you have/ How did you find a Matron/Patron?

  • Yes, but I simply call them Mother and Father, or God and Goddess.  I always believed in God as a result of being raised on the Bible Belt.  However, when I was 18 or 19 the existence of a co-creating Mother Goddess was brought to my attention by Sylvia Browne and a person I used to know.  My findings while doing a research paper for Intro to Old Testament probably really helped to cement my belief in Her.  ❤

9) Do you keep a journal/diary of your experiences?

  • Yes.  I only journal some experiences though.  I honestly journal more in this blog.  I will document particularly intriguing dreams or experiences in a hardbound journal from time to time.

10) What do the moon phases mean to you?

  • Quite simply; Energy.  I find the full moon quite appealing because of the peak energy.



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