Super Easy Pumpkin Spice Coffee

Just add pumpkin spice into the filter with your coffee grounds at home.   Sure you can seasonally buy pumpkin spice creamer,  but I prefer to do this.  This allows me pumpkin spice coffee any time of the year.  I have also opted for cinnamon instead of pumpkin spice on occasion.  Enjoy the yumminess.   


2 thoughts on “Super Easy Pumpkin Spice Coffee

  1. Drinking my Cold Brew Tea with Milk right now. No sugar or honey needed (so it is healthier.) I tend to become dehydrated if I run out of Tea to make. I tend to need to take Melatonin to counteract the caffeine in Tea. Medication makes me extra sensitive to caffeine so even if Cold Brew Tea has 1/2 the Caffeine as regular Brew Tea… it energizes me as much as coffee would for you. Here is the secret, Tea makes me feel great. The peaceful energy as when I am running low on natural energy. I in no way have the energy problems I had in the past, but me with Tea vs me without Tea are different people.

    Do you have an Old Navy in Town? I am still in debate about sending off the crystals but feel I owe you something (my nephew Loves crystals and asked me for the box). I could send a Gift Card with enough for Jeans to make up for never sending the crystals. Or a Gift Card to something else you want, like if you like Starbucks, or want to get something at Walmart?

    I just feel bad that I have not sent the crystals, and cannot seem to take the steps to send them as if something is holding me saying, ‘No.’


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