Áine & Persephone

It isn’t exactly a secret that I do not have a solid grasp on deity beyond Father (God) and Mother (Goddess).  I do not know if other deities exist as son and daughter deities of the Father and Mother, if other deities are alternate manifestations/forms/facets of Father and Mother, or of they are archetypal energies.  Maybe the answer is a combination of those answers.  Maybe the answer is something entirely different.  The Bible Belt raised girl in me hesitates to explore relationship with other deities.  Although I don’t like to think of God or Goddess as jealous, I am hesitant to trust any deity other than Them.  When I feel like perhaps I am supposed to work with a lower deity (lower not as an insult, but lower in a hierarchy), I ask that they allow that relationship with their blessing if it is for the best.  I ask them to kindly block that connection if it is not for the best.

Hades and Persephone, artist unknown

As you can observe by the name I use on WordPress, I do feel a connection to Persephone.  The thing is that I don’t really seem to connect with her as an outside source.  Rather, I feel like that Persephone archetypal energy is a massive part of who I am.  If Goddess made her human daughters to replicate to a degree the energies/personalities of daughter goddesses (ie. Persephone, Aphrodite, Athena, etc.), I would be made with the Persephone energy.  However, I seem to connect with Áine from outside of myself.  I feel as though she is a Daughter that Father and Mother want me to work with.


She connects to me as a bringer of joy, creative muse, fire (as a passionate energy), confidence, and drive to action.  She seems to be a guide/teacher that will help me learn to find and maintain a better balance.  It’s in my nature to withdraw into my own sort of underworld.  I close the blinds over my windows.  When not focusing on spirituality and introspection, I am likely focusing on my man.  Granted I open those windows up and bask in the glory of life in Springtime and Fall, those windows get closed back up in Summer as they do during Winter.  Áine is a goddess of Summer.  I reiterate the word “balance.”  Rest is lovely and necessary, but I do sometimes need a sort of fire put under my butt in order to get moving.  With her association to the sun, Áine seems to have volunteered to be that fire.  That’s all for this post.  Blessed be, y’all.


One thought on “Áine & Persephone

  1. It’s good you have all those questions. I believed some time ago I had the hierarchy of gods all down, then it changed on me and I realized one understanding leads to another and another. There is a saying in Mormonism something like, “Just as you are ready to have the mysteries of eternity bestowed upon you, there are an eternity of mysteries to bestow.” All true.

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