Synchronicity or Coincidence?

Some people don’t believe in synchronicity, and some people don’t believe in coincidence.  I suppose I believe in both.  However, even if I don’t understand why things sync up the way they do, it especially starts to seem like synchronicity when unlikely odds really stack up.

Example:  I have 2 cousins that have been pregnant at the same time.  They were due a month apart.  Yet, they went into labor on the same day.  My brother has 4 biological children.  Two of them have the same birthday from a different year, which also happens to be my grandfather’s birthday.  His third child was born on my grandmother’s birthday (that corresponding grandfather’s wife).  One of my cousins was born on the night of my other grandmother’s wake/viewing.  Another cousin was born while I was on a field trip to that hospital.  My brother, my remaining first cousins on one side of the family, and myself all have holiday birthdays.  I don’t know the birthdays of my cousins on the other side of the family.  Also relating to birthdays, I have had 3 long term relationships.  By long term I mean lasting 2 or more years.  This includes, of course, my beloved fiance.  My fiance and one of my exes also each dated a girl with the same birthday as me from different years.  One of those girls even had a name which my name has many times been mistaken as.  When I was 11 or 12 we sold the home we were living in to a family with a daughter who had the same first name and same birthday as me (just younger).  I do not have a particularly common name.

Plenty of people would call all of that coincidence, but that is a WHOLE LOT OF COINCIDENCE if so.  Have any of you experienced such synchronicity?


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