YouTube Pagan Challenge #11-18

11) What does the sun mean to you?

  • The sun means the obvious to me: Fire, warmth, light, and the start of a new day.  I also love seeing a beautifully colored sunset.

12) What does Spring mean to you?

  • I love Springtime.  Visible life has returned to the trees and the ground.  The birds come back and chirp away.  The curious little hummingbirds chase each other around in a bid to be the king or queen of the hummingbird feeder.  It’s a time to start opening windows again to let in fresh air and enjoy the revitalized energy emanating from nature.  It is a time of reawakening.

13) Do you use divination?  What type(s)?

  • I previously  used tarot.  I still have the cards, but I have not used them in a while.  I am trying to take things day by day.  Thus, divination is not currently in the cards for me.  Yes, that was a pun.  :-p

14) What does magic/k mean to you?

  • I think of magic as what Penn & Teller perform.  I consider what witches work with to be magick.  I know not everybody sees it that way, but that is how I distinguish the two.  Magick as I perceive it is working with energy and intent in order to bring about a desired outcome.  For me, I work with the Divine to perform magick.  Thus, my magick is worked like prayers with visual representations.

15) Do you perform spells on a regular basis?

  • I perform spells as needed, if you would even call them spells.  They are usually very simple.  If I am going through a particularly trying time, I may perform spellwork regularly during that period of time.   Then again, I might go months without doing any spellwork.

16) What spiritual practice do you do most often?

  • Prayer and giving thanks.  These two are typically done together.  This doesn’t necessarily mean I am on my knees with my hands pressed together.  Quite often it can be me just sitting on my bed and talking (vocally or mentally) to the Divine.  I practice this regularly.

17)  What does Summer mean to you?

Summer means longer days, high temperatures, and paying respect to the fae on the day of the Summer Solstice.  It also means humidity and mosquitoes in my area, which is more reason I keep my window closed much of the time through July and August especially.  We had “real feel” days of 108 degrees Fahrenheit (and seemingly some days even higher) when the actual temperature was 15-20 degrees lower than that.  Imagine the real feel on days when the temperature has been in the high 90s.  I’m okay up until the Solstice, but after that I find Summer to be a bit harsh.  That means Summer ends up being much like a second Winter to me.  I am shut up in the house to stay out of the weather as much as possible.  There is just more sunlight.

18) What does deity/god/divine mean to you?

  • To me, God and Goddess are the co-creating Divine Father and Mother.  Deity may be a term a I use to describe any god or goddess that others worship or I pay notice to aside from Mother and Father.  Granted, I might think of those deities I may pay attention to aside from Father God and Mother Goddess as Their sons and/or daughters.

One thought on “YouTube Pagan Challenge #11-18

  1. I am exactly the same as you when it comes to the summer. You put it so eloquently, “It is like a second winter.” Here, in the desert, that definitely fits as all the vegetation gets brown and withered much like it would during a particularly nasty winter. I even tend to get the symptoms of SAD during the summer. I’m like you in that I live for the times of year I can bask in fresh air through open windows.

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