I Don’t Understand The Hype

Eckhart Tolle is thought off like a rockstar of spiritual literature and a guru of sorts.  I have been watching him lecture.  He seems like a very relaxed and nice man.  However,he seems to talk in circles constantly mentioning consciousness and discrediting individual personalities (or egos) as falsehoods.   He says if you meditate and identify yourself as anything beyond “I am” you are wrong.  This means you cannot be genuinely concious/awakened if you find yourself thinking  something like “I am a being of love” or “I am more than my parents perceive me to be.”  The key to conscious, according to how he describes it, is to be completely present in a moment without thinking about it.  As a commenter under the video pointed out, thinking “I am”still involves thinking.  The man has managed to simultaneously overcomplicate and oversimplify spiritual awareness.   I believe there to be some pearls of wisdom in his teachings.   However, in maybe 25 minutes of him speaking, the only lesson that really meant anything to me was him quoting scripture to point out that God is the light of the world and so are we.  I consider that “we” to mean people who seek to change the world in positive ways, thus honoring God.  

I know that this man’s books are said to have helped many.  That is a good thing.  I don’t mean to insult him, I am just saying I personally don’t seem to click too much with what he has to say.  Maybe his books are more enlightening than his speaches.  


One thought on “I Don’t Understand The Hype

  1. Yes, I had trouble keeping my focus when I tried listening to Eckhart Tolle. When you listen to a person, but so little hits home that focus is lost, and I cannot understand anything. I decided that he wasn’t for me. It is a good thing him and Matt Kahn don’t have to fight for sweater vests. Reference to “Surrender to Love” Matt Kahn’s latest video.

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