A Cursing Loophole

I am very much against cursing people.   Even if a person deserves it, I believe in karma which would come back to the witch.  However, I had a dream that helped me to realize a possible loophole.  I had a dream in which I watched a guy dump his nice girlfriend in a cruel way.  This dream gave me the idea that if a witch does a spell merely to encourage karma to be obvious in such a person’s life she or he would give that person the chance to curse himself/herself with their misdeeds.  If the person lives with kindness they would be blessed, which is a good thing.  However, the witch should make sure she is living kindly before doing such a spell.   Chances are she would simultaneously encourage karma to be more obvious in her life because of getting what you put out (which is basically karma’s definition).   This is basically just me rambling about my first train of thought this morning.   :-p


4 thoughts on “A Cursing Loophole

  1. I have question…
    Turns out the Sponsor interested in my Blog wants me to post an article they send me and pretend I wrote it. Chances are such a post would be a crazy post about seeing a particular Tarot Reader (whom I know nothing about.) Or I could write a post about a Tarot Reader whom I know nothing about, and if they approve of it, it gets posted. They would give me $80 in order to do this, and $20 more if I write the post.

    Do you think I should do this. I doubt that the post would get much attention, as certain kinds of posts get overlooked on my Blog, so chances are they will not ask again.


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