Halloween; Muggle Style

Art by Lisa Parker

Happy Halloween and/or blessed Samhain to you all!  Happy Beltane if you are in the southern hemisphere.  🙂  I will be predominantly celebrating this holiday as a muggle would.  I have 2 candy bars (will probably only eat one of them tonight), and I intend to watch Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman investigate the Black Monk House on TLC tonight.  It airs from 9 to 11.  That would be ideal witching time for me, so witching will only happen tonight if I have enough energy after 11.  I could hold some sort of ritual before then, but frankly I am having some breathing discomfort and just don’t feel like it.  I would rather wait until nighttime for a Halloween ritual anyway.  As a witchy touch to my muggle activity, one of my candy bars does at least remind me of my grandmother that passed away when I was 8.  I recall her being a fan of Zero bars.  I can eat it as a way to honor her.

So far my day has been like this:  I got to see my nephews dressed up as Iron Man and Batman.  They are cuties.  My one year old nephew, much like a true Batman, got pissed off when he was momentarily unmasked.  He was happy as could be when he got the mask back over his head.  I also had the joy of seeing donkeys today.  We drove by them and that pretty much made my day.  You know those people that freak out with cute excitement when they see sloths or penguins?  I am like that with donkeys.  They are f*ckin’ adorable! As another nice surprise,  I received an email from a WordPress buddy that I would be getting a package from her in the mail.  I look forward to that.  🙂  WordPress has been so great for me to make connections that I don’t have with people in my area.  It’s life-changing to be able to openly express my spirituality with people who are interested and supportive.  Now I shall get back to watching spooky stuff on television.  Blessed be, y’all!


Inspired By A Title

I read a video title earlier something along the lines of “Are you in touch with your higher self?”  It inspired a thought that perhaps I do not need to be in my inspired wise woman mode to be in touch with my higher self.  Maybe my higher self also likes to kick back and watch episodes of The Originals from time to time.  I have been dealing with serious chest congestion lately and have been trying to get back to being able to sleep through the night without needing to puff my inhaler or drink a hot beverage at like 3 a.m.  Thus deep soul-level work has not been my focus.  I think that’s okay.  I think sometimes we need a break from deep soul diving and light shining.  Maybe our higher selves like a break sometimes too.  Maybe my higher self gets a kick from imagining how she’d handle a New Orleans brawl between supernatural baddies in the fictional world of The Originals.  She’d be a witch, of course.  Not a New Orleans witch though.  She wouldn’t want to be bound to sinister, power-hungry, ancestral spirits (not saying actual New Orleans witches are such, simply the ones in the show).  She’d probably be buddies with Cami.  She’d be on team Originals too, if ran in a civilized manner as it would be by Elijah.  Anywho, it’s okay not to be profound all the time as a spiritual person.  Our spirits need fun.  Our spirits need rest.   Blessed be.

Crystal Grid for Respiratory Health

My inhaler has been my close friend lately.  I have been taking chest congestion medicine for a couple days.  It super sucks when you get a chest cold/chest congestion with asthma.  Today had plenty of coughing but at least that tightness that makes it difficult to breathe lessened.  Yesterday I decided to make a grid to hopefully amplify some healing energy.  I looked through my copy of The Crystal Bible for stones that would suit the purpose.   One was amethyst.   Maybe that has something to do with why I have had a stronger pull to it lately.  So I set a grid on the secondary altar at the foot of my bed.  It is made up mostly of quartz, amethyst, and pyrite.  I would get up and take a photo of it, but I am snuggling with an adorable kitty at the moment.   Blessed be, y’all.

Update: Here is a photo.  

Crystal Haul


I had difficulty getting a clear picture.  I did edit it for the border to be out of focus, but I wish I could have made the stones appear more sharply.  Either way, the stones pictured are: amethyst, pyrite, clear and smokey quartz, tigers eye, sodalite, topaz, and garnet in matrix.  Size can be estimated by comparing the tumbled stones in the photo to the typical size of a tumbled stone.

Mammawcation 2

Today I head home from Mammawcation.  That is a weekend trip  with my grandmother to the Boone/Banner Elk area of NC.  This is most likely my last trip until May or around then.  There were, of course, rocks to be gotten.   Almost certainly my last rock haul until Spring next year.  A post showing those will come later.   Blessed be, y’all.

Main Altar

It finally seemed like it was time to remove the crystal grid I had on my main altar.  I dedicated a smaller grid in another area of my room (using mainly stones from the previous grid) to continue the energy work that was my primary magickal focus.  My main altar is now set up for shamanic witchcraft study.  Front and center is my The Temple of Shamanic Witchcraft year-and-a-day style book by Christopher Penczak.  I started reading the book over a year ago and took a lengthy hiatus from the studies.  I won’t say for certain that I will devote a year and a day consecutively to it this time or that I will ever declare myself with certainty a shamanic witch.  I got the book with the intention to study though, so I might as well study!  I do currently feel called to it, after all.  I may or may not start back at the beginning.  I may even skip around a bit.  Sometimes I just feel called to open the book and see what words my right index finger lands on.

Blessed be, y’all.

Prayer for the East Coast

Hurricane Matthew is projected to seriously impact the east coast of the U.S.  I am in one of the NC counties that has been put under a state of emergency.  I am not in an area that has been told to evacuate, but any strong wind is seriously dangerous considering that I am in a wooded area in a modular home.  I should be with my grandmother this weekend who is not in a wooded area, but is in the same county with massive oaks in her front yard.  She at least has a basement.  I have done a spell/prayer for protection for my home and those of us who live here.  I have also asked God and Goddess to please weaken the hurricane and move it away from the coast.  I ask that my readers please pray or do protection spellwork for the east coast.  You may also want to do the same for the states under tornado watch. I hope for God and Goddess to bless those who take the time to send loving energy and prayers to the areas of this country that really need it right now.


A great thing about the gem mine at Dan Nicholas Park is you can fill a little pouch with tumbled stones  for $3.  Oh and fill it I did.  This was news to me as previously I thought the pouches were to be purchased seperately and I just paid a quarter each for the stones (which is still a great deal).  Pictured in the little tumbles are citrine, flourite, moonstone, Apache tears, snowflake obsideon, labrodorite, banded amethyst, lace agate, and red jasper.  Also, I just had to get this Kambaba jasper.   I am not sure I have ever previously seen it in person.  I recognized it as the shaman’s stone as soon as I saw it.  You know those eye-widening moments of “It must be mine.”  Yup.  Well worth $12.  I hope you all have enjoyed the weekend.  Blessed be.