Main Altar

It finally seemed like it was time to remove the crystal grid I had on my main altar.  I dedicated a smaller grid in another area of my room (using mainly stones from the previous grid) to continue the energy work that was my primary magickal focus.  My main altar is now set up for shamanic witchcraft study.  Front and center is my The Temple of Shamanic Witchcraft year-and-a-day style book by Christopher Penczak.  I started reading the book over a year ago and took a lengthy hiatus from the studies.  I won’t say for certain that I will devote a year and a day consecutively to it this time or that I will ever declare myself with certainty a shamanic witch.  I got the book with the intention to study though, so I might as well study!  I do currently feel called to it, after all.  I may or may not start back at the beginning.  I may even skip around a bit.  Sometimes I just feel called to open the book and see what words my right index finger lands on.

Blessed be, y’all.


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