Prayer for the East Coast

Hurricane Matthew is projected to seriously impact the east coast of the U.S.  I am in one of the NC counties that has been put under a state of emergency.  I am not in an area that has been told to evacuate, but any strong wind is seriously dangerous considering that I am in a wooded area in a modular home.  I should be with my grandmother this weekend who is not in a wooded area, but is in the same county with massive oaks in her front yard.  She at least has a basement.  I have done a spell/prayer for protection for my home and those of us who live here.  I have also asked God and Goddess to please weaken the hurricane and move it away from the coast.  I ask that my readers please pray or do protection spellwork for the east coast.  You may also want to do the same for the states under tornado watch. I hope for God and Goddess to bless those who take the time to send loving energy and prayers to the areas of this country that really need it right now.


4 thoughts on “Prayer for the East Coast

  1. Hi Persephone Rose!
    I’m now the Gothic Witch but I was Dreamer in the Real World. I’m sending my intentions of light and protection your way! I hope this sends more good intentions your way; I’ve nominated you for the 2016 Liebster Award. The details are on my new blog 🙂
    Be careful!

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