Crystal Haul


I had difficulty getting a clear picture.  I did edit it for the border to be out of focus, but I wish I could have made the stones appear more sharply.  Either way, the stones pictured are: amethyst, pyrite, clear and smokey quartz, tigers eye, sodalite, topaz, and garnet in matrix.  Size can be estimated by comparing the tumbled stones in the photo to the typical size of a tumbled stone.


4 thoughts on “Crystal Haul

  1. Are you already thinking of grids to put them in? I’d have to say my favorite kind of gemstone/crystal is an amethyst. There is something about that deep purple so peaceful. So vivid. Like a dream is both rich and restful.

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    1. I actually have not been too keen on amethyst in the past. For years I had only one piece and that was enough for me. I have recently been called to get amethyst though. I now have 5 of them. Not sure about a grid for them yet.

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