Crystal Grid for Respiratory Health

My inhaler has been my close friend lately.  I have been taking chest congestion medicine for a couple days.  It super sucks when you get a chest cold/chest congestion with asthma.  Today had plenty of coughing but at least that tightness that makes it difficult to breathe lessened.  Yesterday I decided to make a grid to hopefully amplify some healing energy.  I looked through my copy of The Crystal Bible for stones that would suit the purpose.   One was amethyst.   Maybe that has something to do with why I have had a stronger pull to it lately.  So I set a grid on the secondary altar at the foot of my bed.  It is made up mostly of quartz, amethyst, and pyrite.  I would get up and take a photo of it, but I am snuggling with an adorable kitty at the moment.   Blessed be, y’all.

Update: Here is a photo.  


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