Inspired By A Title

I read a video title earlier something along the lines of “Are you in touch with your higher self?”  It inspired a thought that perhaps I do not need to be in my inspired wise woman mode to be in touch with my higher self.  Maybe my higher self also likes to kick back and watch episodes of The Originals from time to time.  I have been dealing with serious chest congestion lately and have been trying to get back to being able to sleep through the night without needing to puff my inhaler or drink a hot beverage at like 3 a.m.  Thus deep soul-level work has not been my focus.  I think that’s okay.  I think sometimes we need a break from deep soul diving and light shining.  Maybe our higher selves like a break sometimes too.  Maybe my higher self gets a kick from imagining how she’d handle a New Orleans brawl between supernatural baddies in the fictional world of The Originals.  She’d be a witch, of course.  Not a New Orleans witch though.  She wouldn’t want to be bound to sinister, power-hungry, ancestral spirits (not saying actual New Orleans witches are such, simply the ones in the show).  She’d probably be buddies with Cami.  She’d be on team Originals too, if ran in a civilized manner as it would be by Elijah.  Anywho, it’s okay not to be profound all the time as a spiritual person.  Our spirits need fun.  Our spirits need rest.   Blessed be.


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