Halloween; Muggle Style

Art by Lisa Parker

Happy Halloween and/or blessed Samhain to you all!  Happy Beltane if you are in the southern hemisphere.  🙂  I will be predominantly celebrating this holiday as a muggle would.  I have 2 candy bars (will probably only eat one of them tonight), and I intend to watch Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman investigate the Black Monk House on TLC tonight.  It airs from 9 to 11.  That would be ideal witching time for me, so witching will only happen tonight if I have enough energy after 11.  I could hold some sort of ritual before then, but frankly I am having some breathing discomfort and just don’t feel like it.  I would rather wait until nighttime for a Halloween ritual anyway.  As a witchy touch to my muggle activity, one of my candy bars does at least remind me of my grandmother that passed away when I was 8.  I recall her being a fan of Zero bars.  I can eat it as a way to honor her.

So far my day has been like this:  I got to see my nephews dressed up as Iron Man and Batman.  They are cuties.  My one year old nephew, much like a true Batman, got pissed off when he was momentarily unmasked.  He was happy as could be when he got the mask back over his head.  I also had the joy of seeing donkeys today.  We drove by them and that pretty much made my day.  You know those people that freak out with cute excitement when they see sloths or penguins?  I am like that with donkeys.  They are f*ckin’ adorable! As another nice surprise,  I received an email from a WordPress buddy that I would be getting a package from her in the mail.  I look forward to that.  🙂  WordPress has been so great for me to make connections that I don’t have with people in my area.  It’s life-changing to be able to openly express my spirituality with people who are interested and supportive.  Now I shall get back to watching spooky stuff on television.  Blessed be, y’all!


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