The Word of the Day

Lackadaisical: lacking enthusiasm, unmotivated, lazy.   

This is a word and a feeling I am dealing with today.  It is in no way foreign to me.  I got enough sleep and I am not depressed.  I just don’t feel like doing anything other than laze about.  On one hand I want to work on art.  I had the intention at the start of the year to regularly work on art.  I have barely done that.  Lackadaisical might be a word to describe me for much of this year.  I didn’t feel like working on art.  I didn’t feel like exercising.  At the same time I wanted to work on art and trim down so I don’t have to buy size 18 jeans.  I can see how the conflict between what I want to do and what I actually feel like doing may have me teetering toward a kind of mild sadness.  I didn’t enjoy the restlessness I recently felt for a couple days, but I do like getting things accomplished.   Maybe I should just allow myself to mellow today without guilt.  The problem is I probably allow too much of that.  *shrugs*



I painted a little figurine at a church event when I was a kid.   Apparently not thinking about which baby it represented, I painted the baby with pale skin and blonde hair.  Disapproving Baboon’s face says it all.

Restless Energy

I have not had a lot of restful sleep the past couple nights.  Yesterday I was struggling to stay awake during the day because I was tired, yet at the same time I was too restless to successfully nap.  Then last night my energy came back and I didn’t sleep until I think some time after 3 a.m.  I wonder if last night’s new moon was effecting me.  I did get my bedroom furniture rearranged before I went to bed.  I wasn’t conciously trying to sync up my bedroom to have better flow with the new moon, but perhaps it was purposefully in sync anyway.   

Pray for Gatlinburg. 

I have family who shared a video of them driving down a road surrounded by flaming trees.  I could hear the fear and it shook me.  Thank God and Goddess they got out safely.  Please pray for heavy rain to extenguish these wildfires tonight.  

Christmas Wishlist

I decided it would be fun to share my Christmas wishlist and hope some of my readers will do the same.  This isn’t to start some kind of WordPress gifting thing.  It just seems like an amusing way to gain insight into another’s interests and perhaps even another’s personality.  Of course you probably have a handle on those things already if you regularly follow somebody’s blog, but it could still be a fun affirmation of what you already know.  So here goes:

  1. A great big clear quartz.  I am talking about a crystal that weights pounds.  Not perfectly clear.  I want some visual interest like wisps, rainbows, mineral inclusions, etc.   I want it to have a natural point or points.  I want it to be able to stand without being propped up.  I have been wanting one of these for quite a while.  I am watching eBay like a hawk hoping for the deal of the century on one of these things.
  2. Watercolor pencils.  Vibrant with good dilution.  There is no point in getting watercolor pencils if water doesn’t make them spread like watercolor.  It would be nice to have a medium point water brush to use with these.  I have ideas about specific products on my Amazon wishlist, but no need to share that here.
  3. A beautiful coloring book.  I discovered coloring books by Selina Fenech on Amazon recently.  They are absolutely lovely.  I narrowed it down to my favorite one though.
  4. A 160 slot pencil case.  I have a particular brown faux leather one in mind.  I have a lot of pencils and (as previously stated) want to add to that.  Currently they are in different boxes and in stackable plastic drawers on my desk.  That’s fine for when I want to doodle at my desk, but not so convenient for when I want to doodle anywhere else.  I’d rather doodle somewhere other than my desk since it can get a bit cluttered.
  5. A new older phone.  Since that probably sounds confusing, I will clarify.  I am hoping to get a Galaxy S4 in new condition.  My Galaxy S3 has been awesome, but it has a crack in the screen and I have to charge my battery with an external charger since the charging port stopped working.  The newer model Galaxy phones cost out the bum and seem to be a bit clunky in size.  Thankfully, my Dad has told me he will get me this for Christmas.  Here’s to hoping for eBay success.
  6. Eos lipbalm.  By far the cheapest thing on my wishlist.  Honeysuckle honeydew, pomegranate cherry, or lemon drop flavor is preferred.  I have not tried the lemon drop yet.
  7. Comfy black drawstring sweatpants/lounge pants.  All my sweatpants have seen much better days.  They are now holey and worn into near oblivion.
  8. A copy of The Witches’ Goddess.  I will possibly get a used copy after Christmas from Amazon.
  9. A jasmine scented Woodwick candle.  This is my all time favorite candle.  Haven’t been able to get a new one in years though.  Seems they can only be gotten online now.  They are pricier than I can generally afford at $25, but they are 180 hour candles.
  10. Some Lisa Parker small canvas prints.  My favorite are The Witching Hour, The Fortune Teller, and The Watchmen.

I think that’s plenty of items for a wishlist.  Feel free to post more or less if you do a similar post.  Blessed be, ya’ll.  🙂


“Weak” Witches

 I think it applies to most witches when I say we like to learn.  We like to strengthen our minds and spirituality.  We acquire tools (knowledge and tangible tools in some cases) to assist us in magickal workings.  So why does it seem some witches  are not using those tools with maximum intent to change a situation that might seem undesirable?  There are a few possible answers to that question.   

  1. They know there are good aspects of that situation and they don’t feel ready to let go yet.  I live with my Dad while I am nearing 30 years of age.  Some people would think I should be moving Heaven and Earth to move out.  I am comfortable here though.  I am a Daddy’s girl, and I want to enjoy my time in his house instead of rushing to get away.  Sometimes people focus on what they see wrong and don’t see what is good.  Witches often see what others do not, so it is best to be slow to judge.
  2. Divine might be helping them by not granting what they ask for.  Sometimes what we want and think we need is not what we actually need.  We can do spellwork every week with no results if our Matron and Patron deem that to be in our best interests.  For example, struggle forces us to learn and be stronger.  You might look at a witch and think she must not be true to her path if she keeps circling into depression.  However, that depression could be helping her to grow.  Every time she steps out of that dark cloud, she has an opportunity to reflect and figure out what heals her.  Her strength is increased because she reaffirms she is a surviver.  Her experience enables her to relate to others who are suffering, and thus she becomes better able to help those people.   When she finds herself in that dark cloud again, she has to ask herself what has brought her there in order to regain balance and avoid that cause in the future.   
  3. Being a wise one doesn’t mean we have everything figured out.  It means accepting that figuring things out will be ongoing in life.  It takes some people longer than others to figure out what works for them.  Some witches learn a lot about what doesn’t work before they learn what does work.  There is value in both categories of wisdom. 

There could very well be more possible answers to the above question.   Hopefully this has provided some insight.  Blessed be, y’all. 

Remote Careers

In a world that revolves around the internet, it seems like it wouldn’t be so difficult to get hired for a truly work-from-home career without a masters degree.  Job hunting is frustrating.  It is much more frustrating when you don’t have reliable transportation and can only work from home.  It is even more frustrating when your internet speeds are barely passable for Skype and you have an in-and-out phone signal.  My only real work experience is in retail.  I like small business retail.  If only there was small retail business  online that I could work for.  I have a business degree (bachelor level) and focused my studies in retail, marketing, and management.  It would cool to work with a store owner in order to brainstorm marketing projects, website layout, etc.  For now I will continue to take things day by day and ask for The Divine to help me.  Blessed be, y’all.