When There Are No Metaphysical Shops Near You

There are no metaphysical shops around me.  It’s a rare treat when I am able to visit one.  I know that plenty of witches and new agers can relate to that.  So here are some tips for getting witchy supplies in more mainstream locations:

  1. Candles are candles.  A redundant statement perhaps.  You don’t need Sage Goddess style candles though.  They are lovely,  but you can get by with candles from any store.  A Yankee candle won’t be pre-blessed, but you can do a blessing ritual for it yourself.   
  2. Standard gift shops tend to have tumbled stone bins with little velvet drawstring bags.  I realize not every area has gift shops, but it’s still worth mentioning that such shops are good alternatives for crystal shopping.   These places tend to sell tumbled crystals at a cheaper price than metaphysical shops.  
  3. A stick can serve as a wand.  You can look around on the ground for a suitable one or hunt for one from a specific tree.  
  4. You can likely find a lovely journal for a book of shadows at Barnes & Noble.  Hot Topic had lovely journals when I was a teenager. Perhaps they still do.  

I wish I could recommend a mainstream brick and mortar store that sells nice clean-burning incense.   I am unfortunately not privy to such knowledge.   I have a pack of Primo brand yellow rose incense that I got at a new age store years ago.  I use it very sparingly.   It is delightful and does not upset my asthma.   I wish it was sold at Walmart.  My advice would be to stock up on quality incense when the rare chance presents itself.  Blessed be, y’all.


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