Witchy Treasure Chest

I got this adorable wooden chest for Christmas some years ago.  It has been used to store mostly tarot books in the past.   I decided to repurpose it for general witchy supplies.  My cinnamon sticks are not pictured, but they will be added into the box.  My essential oils have a box of their own.  My crystals are spread about my room, but I do have some in the chest.  Specifically, the blue pouch contains tumbled stones for divination (something I have not tried yet).  I also have my malachite pendulum and raw blue kyanite in my tarot box within the chest.  I use the kyanite to charge my primary deck.  The other deck I have was my first deck.  The minor arcana cards in it are overly simplified and thus difficult for me to read.  Anywho, just thought I’d share.  Blessed be,  y’all.


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