I’m frustrated.  Obviously I am somebody who likes to express myself.  Lately it has been hammered at me that I need to keep my mouth shut about any expression that could be considered remotely political or possibly offensive in any other way.  It is as if saying “I am not a fan of mullets” could get me attacked by people who have mullets.  “Cucumbers are gross to me” could be met with “I love cucumbers.  Why don’t you go f*cking kill yourself?”  All this tension and hatefulness is bumming me out.  I feel like I am supposed to hide in a figurative box and not share any aspect of myself other than I like kitties, food, rocks, and scary movies.  I was recently being encouraging to people on facebook who were thinking outside of the box.  Apparently encouraging people to be true to themselves can be offensive.  My sweet little fur baby helps me cope by showering me with love and cuteness.  Yesterday I did some art therapy.  I wouldn’t say it was particularly attractive art, but somewhat sloppily watercolor painting layers of hearts is much more soothing than watching people be awful on social media.  I even saw somebody post something along the lines of “people who don’t think I should post such hateful posts can go f*ck themselves because they don’t respect me and my right to my rage.”  I’m not just frustrated.  I’m sad.  I can’t even try to encourage or inspire people anymore without carefully going over what I am saying to make sure that my inspirational message will not cause a backlash.  I will be lighting my candles again for peace.  We sure do need it.


One thought on “Frustrated

  1. This is my last Facebook post. Sorry, I have been processing election. So haven’t been paying attention to WordPress.

    Whatever comes in the Future. It is better to face it United than apart. You are free to vote for whoever you choose and I will not judge you. I witness many people being afraid right now. I live in Ann Arbor which is a pretty liberal city. People are emotional and afraid. It is time to put away political statements that only hurt people more. Perhaps discover what you have in common instead of brewing more arguments. Right now the Nation feels Divided. Yet, it is United that we need to stand. I realize we have very different beliefs, but I choose to respect freedom. I also choose to respect people’s fears. In the end, we will reach a common ground.
    Blessings to America and the World. Dreaming of a united nation where families no longer need to fight about politics. If people feel the need to post politically I respect that just as much as I choose to respect anyone no matter who they voted for. I will respect you whatever politics, religion, race, gender or sexual orientation. It is not in my nature to do otherwise.
    In the end, a President is just a leader, we the people make America. We need to learn how to get along despite differing political views. We need to work together to build a nation where everyone feels safe to speak with liberty, vote without judgment and live free.

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