Remote Careers

In a world that revolves around the internet, it seems like it wouldn’t be so difficult to get hired for a truly work-from-home career without a masters degree.  Job hunting is frustrating.  It is much more frustrating when you don’t have reliable transportation and can only work from home.  It is even more frustrating when your internet speeds are barely passable for Skype and you have an in-and-out phone signal.  My only real work experience is in retail.  I like small business retail.  If only there was small retail business  online that I could work for.  I have a business degree (bachelor level) and focused my studies in retail, marketing, and management.  It would cool to work with a store owner in order to brainstorm marketing projects, website layout, etc.  For now I will continue to take things day by day and ask for The Divine to help me.  Blessed be, y’all.


2 thoughts on “Remote Careers

  1. Two things: Have you thought about freelance commercial writing? I used to do that and it paid pretty well, though getting set up for it and making contacts was a constant chore. There are some great books on Amazon though about how to get going. Your degree and your writing skill would make you an excellent fit.

    Thing two: In the meantime, have you thought about doing transcription work? Not medical transcription, but transcription of marketing interviews, focus groups, etc. I also did that for a while and it wasn’t too bad. Sometimes the interviews were interesting, though I will tell you actually doing the transcription takes longer than they say it will. You don’t need Skype or anything like that to do it. You simply have to download the audio files, transcribe them in the correct format, then turn the transcript in. It can be tedious, but if you turn out to be good at it, it could be steady work until you get your feet on the ground with something else.

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