Ancestral Tree

tree of my ancestors

3 thoughts on “Ancestral Tree

  1. It is a beautiful tree.

    Have you ever attempted a telepathic conversation with a tree? I’ve mentally told a tree (because people would stare at me if I did it out loud) “Hello Tree, What do you Think of the Weather? Are you cold?” I sensed that the tree responded, “I am joyful of the rain. I do not feel the cold in the same way. It is actually in a sleep state in winter. A deep sleep.” That is not exactly how the tree worded it, in fact, I only recalled the first two sentinces, and I think one of the trees outside right now must have added the rest. I have more trouble remembering telepathic conversations. It can be more like remembering a dream. I do not literally hear an answer, but feel the plant’s response.

    Such as when I had a garden and plants to put in the ground, but didn’t feel like doing it just yet. A friend gardener told me to ask the plants how they feel about waiting. Well, the plants told me they could wait and no need to worry yet.

    There have been people throughout history that could talk to things like Trees and Stones even. I am not sure I have ever tried talking to a stone, but next time you are next to‚Äč a tree. Try a silent conversation.

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    1. I have sat at the base of a tree at the park once with a couple crystals and tried to connect with its energy once. That tree in the picture is on family property that has been in the family for like 100 years or more. That is the first time I have walked up to it because the deer feed there and I didn’t want to disturb the area. Since all the apples for the year were gone from it, I figured no harm done. I took a twig from it after sensing it would be alright. I think I thanked the tree.

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      1. We have a 400 year old (or older) White Oak at my childhood home. It is still going strong and beautiful. I cannot wrap my arms around it, but the acorns fall on the roof in Fall making loud noises. Many squirrels, chip monks and the like are fed by it.


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