Restless Energy

I have not had a lot of restful sleep the past couple nights.  Yesterday I was struggling to stay awake during the day because I was tired, yet at the same time I was too restless to successfully nap.  Then last night my energy came back and I didn’t sleep until I think some time after 3 a.m.  I wonder if last night’s new moon was effecting me.  I did get my bedroom furniture rearranged before I went to bed.  I wasn’t conciously trying to sync up my bedroom to have better flow with the new moon, but perhaps it was purposefully in sync anyway.   


2 thoughts on “Restless Energy

  1. As of late, I have needed a little Melatonin almost every night. I go through phases of needing it, getting completely off of it and needing it again. At least it is better than needing a sleeping pill. I was in bed at midnight last night, but listening to an audiobook. At around 2am I decided to take the Melatonin. I was awake first at 8am but decided to try to get more sleep. Around 9am I got up to clean and to laundry. I also did some back care yoga while the laundry was going. Lately, my back has been sore in the mornings.

    I do not know if it counts as 7 hours or 9 hours sleep. Does being in bed listening to an audiobook count towards sleep? I never understand the days where I go from barely making it out of bed to bright n’ early… at least bright n’ early for me.


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