The Word of the Day

Lackadaisical: lacking enthusiasm, unmotivated, lazy.   

This is a word and a feeling I am dealing with today.  It is in no way foreign to me.  I got enough sleep and I am not depressed.  I just don’t feel like doing anything other than laze about.  On one hand I want to work on art.  I had the intention at the start of the year to regularly work on art.  I have barely done that.  Lackadaisical might be a word to describe me for much of this year.  I didn’t feel like working on art.  I didn’t feel like exercising.  At the same time I wanted to work on art and trim down so I don’t have to buy size 18 jeans.  I can see how the conflict between what I want to do and what I actually feel like doing may have me teetering toward a kind of mild sadness.  I didn’t enjoy the restlessness I recently felt for a couple days, but I do like getting things accomplished.   Maybe I should just allow myself to mellow today without guilt.  The problem is I probably allow too much of that.  *shrugs*


2 thoughts on “The Word of the Day

  1. Have you ever thought of creating Artwork infused with Magick? Lots of people will draw beautiful grids and mandalas. I wonder if there is a way you could sell them anonymously. I have not had incredible luck making money with Zazzle, but you could keep a digital for you record to sell the art piece itself. I wonder if you could sell on Etsy anonymously​​. There must be ways to hide one’s address.

    Perhaps selling one’s art does not appeal to you? Yet, perhaps just creating Magickal art does? Think of every line adding to the Magick and the colors working together like lighting different colored candles.

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    1. I might be interested in eventually selling on zazzle, but for now I need to progress in my skill level. I felt pride in my art skills when I was in grade school. I also enjoyed the process of making art. I have to get back into enjoying the process so even if I am not satisfied with the final look of a project, working on it won’t feel like a waste. I ended up coloring a bit after I wrote this post. Today I worked on a small piece of art to give as a birthday gift. Since magick is made with intention, any art made with intention is likely infused with a little magick.

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