A New Year

I will be bringing in the new year with my cat.  I have cleaning and organizing to do to start the year off with less mess.  I may or may not have some more stuff to drop off at Goodwill in 2017.  I think perhaps I should set up a prosperity alter in hopes that more financially secure times are ahead in the near future.  Also, Happy New Year!  Blessed be, y’all.


Update on Christmas Wishlist

Last month I posted a wishlist with 10 items on it.  I have since acquired 6 of those things.  Not bad at all.  My new older model phone has to wait until Dad is paid some money he is owed.  My great big dream quartz will have to wait until an unforseen time in the future.  Keeping my eyes on eBay and having prices rocket up was basically a stressful waste of time.  I at least learned the lesson that trying to acquire an item at a bargain price through auction around the holidays is not a good ideal.  Everybody is trying to find the perfect gifts so competition is up.  I am expecting a spiritual gift that was ordered to arrive in a week or so.  I finally will be getting a copy of The Witches’ Goddess!  It is a used copy since my way of thinking is it would be a waste of money to get a new copy of a book for $20 plus whatever shipping cost when I can get a gently used copy of a book for $5.99 total.  Perhaps this book will inspire some posts.  Blessed be, y’all. 

Children of the Moon


Seeing the full moon and nearly full moon causes me to grin.  I don’t really think of the moon as a goddess.  I know it is a celestial body.  Yet, I feel some excitement when I see that rounded glow in the sky.  It feels almost as if the moon is smiling at me.  She (yes, I am using personification here) is absolutely gorgeous.  I can’t help but to “oooo” and “aaah” at her.  I want to tell her “Hello” with a grin and “Goodnight” with anticipation for the next time she appears to me.  Her movement out from behind the clouds leaves me relating to a baby when a loved one decides to play peek-a-boo.

Tonight I find myself wondering if the moon may actually have a another spiritual purpose among its functions.  Perhaps the moon is a beacon and reminder for those who I will call the children of the moon.  I think many Wiccans will be in that collection of people.  Many Wiccans have a reverence for the moon.  They associate her cycle with their own life cycle.  I am finding a symbolism in her that brings a message.  That message is essentially that even though we cannot be the sun, we can be like the moon.

I will explain.  There are high-energy people in the world that seem to be able to run full-blast from morning until night.  These people are productive basically every day (not just because of societal necessity, but because they want to be).  These are the people that work 6 days a week, drive their kids to miscellaneous practices, make dinner regularly, take pretty much every chance they get to help others, and don’t know what to do with themselves if they have more than 10 minutes of free time.  They do all of this and somehow don’t turn into total grouches.  Frankly, this is the “ideal” American.  These are sun children.

On the other hand are the children of the moon.  Our energy develops in a different cycle.  Instead of refreshing to a similar level every day that seems to hold steady, we wax and wane.  We get things done, but not to the extent of sun children.  Some days we feel like being hermits.  We often are most creative while other people are sleeping.  If you are flooded with ideas and energy until 4:30 in the morning, it makes it quite difficult be a peppy go-getter from 9 to 5.  We can seem unreliable or lazy because were aren’t busy doing something every time somebody is looking at us.  We often have to train ourselves to be on a “normal” schedule because society and/or our loved ones do not allow us to work on our own naturally fluctuating schedule.   All of this could add up to make a moon child feel bad about himself or herself.  Then we see that full moon glow piercing through the darkness, and joy fills us.

At her fullest, the moon shines in the dark without overtaking the dark.  Your eyes focus on her because of that.   She inspires on those nights.  She is an obvious contrast, and that is part of her beauty.  I don’t complain during the dark moon (or new moon) when I can’t see her.  I know she is there.  She is simply going through her cycle.  She is gradually working toward her next night of full shine, and there is no shame in taking all the time you need when something beautiful is being prepared.  We moon children shouldn’t feel the need to shine like the sun because shining like the moon is wonderful too.

Blessed be, y’all.

Like a Bear

I asked my guy if it would be okay for me to hybernate until March.  He said no.  Dang it.  A WordPress friend has had trouble sleeping lately.   Here I am low energy feeling like I could sleep 18 hours a day if that was okay.  I got a full sleep cycle.  I was awake for all of two hours before feeling like I want to go to sleep.  I wonder if this could be a form of seasonal affective disorder.   I should probably take vitamins.   I will today.  Hopefully that helps because only feeling like doing stuff a few hours a day is ridiculous.   

Shelf Display

I got that angel from my grandparents probably around 15 years ago.  I named this post “Shelf Display”, but I suppose it is sort of an altar for loving angelic energy.  Blessed be, y’all.

A Room Full of Altars

It seems my love of visual merchandising and interior design is going to be apparent in my room.  Not at first glance though.  The walls have never been painted and are far from flawless.   There are carpet stains. The drapery, bedding, and furniture are mostly previously owned by others.  The room definitely looks lived in.  The design aspect comes into place with the creation of altars.  I love setting up altars.  I love arranging crystals, faux flowers, candles, etc.on the surfaces to create something pretty and symbolically meaningful.   I currently have my main altar (where I sit at for devotion to God and Goddess), a Christmas season altar, an Aine altar,  an altar to two of my grandparents (who are now in the spirit world) and the land they came from, and an altar for paying respect to my deceased kitty along with a crystal grid to send good energy to the living kitties in my life.  The last two altars mentioned are on bookcase shelves.  A fellow witch would be like “Dayum, half of your room is an altar.”  Muggles will mostly just see decorating. If you’d like several altars without a lot of available floor space, bookcases work great.  Blessed be, y’all.